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Download Arknights PC - A Strategic RPG Game You can Play for Free

Arknights is a strategic RPG game that immerses players in a dystopian world of technological progress gone wrong. What humanity originally hailed as a blessing, Originium—a special ore with countless applications—ended up being a curse. The substance infected those exposed to it, and with no known cure, the infected were ostracized and isolated.

That’s the story behind Arknights, where you will play as a key member of a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it caused. Arknights is one of the most popular, free, strategy Gacha games today. And now, you can play it on any Windows computer for a free download.




How is Arknights Different From Other Free Gacha Games?

Marketing fluff aside, don’t let the tower defense mechanic deceive you; Arknights is no baby game. Unlike your typical gacha game, Arknights gets very hard, very fast. Many players get stuck as early as chapter 2 of the game.
It is truly is a strategic RPG game where strategy is highly important in order to continue playing.

Moreover, it’s not enough to throw all your 6-star units into a fight because deployment costs will restrict you from backing them up. For a free online game, the amount of strategy required to play it, is certainly refreshing.




With that said, Arknights is very playable as a free-to-play game. Players are given on average, 20 pulls a month for free. This gives you plenty of chances to get the characters you want. There also aren’t any must-have meta characters that players need to endlessly reroll for. It’s very friendly to people who value their time, just 30 minutes a day is all Arknights requires.

So why don’t you download and play this game now? Arknights and more games are available here on absolutely for free. If you want more strategy games like this, check out Dragon City or Lords Mobile, too. Enjoy!

arknights external conflict
arknights fight to the last
arknights powerful enemies
arknights limited operator
arknights external conflict
arknights fight to the last
arknights powerful enemies
arknights limited operator




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