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About this Game

Introducing Bad Piggies, a spin-off game based on Angry Birds, one of the most loved games by everyone. When Angry Birds was released, everyone went crazy playing the game. Rovio Entertainment is the one behind the unique and engaging puzzle game that made lots of players hooked. Bad Piggies, the archrivals of the Angry Birds, is now in the spotlight through a puzzle game that has taken the world by storm.

This puzzle game is all about creating a makeshift vehicle for the pig to be transported to the other side of the mountain. Pretty much the same mechanics if you have experienced playing the different Angry Birds installments. In this particular video game, you help the pigs make a ride such as a plane, car, or ship. However, the task is not that easy as you need to think out of the box to be able to roll down a hill or fly to the other side. To know more about the mechanics of Bad Piggies, read on!

How to Play Bad Piggies Game

Bad Piggies is a fun game that is perfect for any age group. The gameplay is easy and it takes trial and error to be able to clear a level. You will create a vehicle from the parts given and bring Ross to the end goal. These may be in the form of wood or iron, or fans, springs, balloons, and more. There are also other parts that have certain effects on the movement of Ross such as firework rockets and soda bottles. Some act as boosters and fans depending on how you calculate his journey towards the goal.

If you have played Angry Birds before, the mechanics are similar when it comes to earning stars in Bad Piggies. Once you clear a level, you get one star. To be able to get three full stars, you need to accomplish the level’s objectives such as:

  • Making sure the contraption is in good condition all throughout
  • Finishing the level within the time limit
  • Getting one or two-star boxes in the field
  • Transporting special objects such as the Egg and Halloween Candy

Aside from that, searching for certain skulls hidden throughout different levels is also important. Moreover, Bad Piggies has power-ups for the pig to use such as motor boost, sticky glue, or super magnet. You can either earn these power-ups or purchase them at the store.

Game features of Bad Piggies PC

  • Cute cartoony, colorful graphics, and amazing sound effects
  • 200+ amazing and exciting levels to play in Bad Piggies
  • Over 9 sandbox levels to test your brains and creativity
  • Make your very own contraptions
  • Get three stars to unlock special levels

Play the addictively funny Bad Piggies today on your PC! Download the awesome Rovio game here! Then download more of your favorite Puzzle Games like Cut the Rope FULL FREE and Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure!

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