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About this Game

Perhaps you’ve seen the videos featuring COD: Mobile or PUBG on the internet. If you love your battle-royale games, you’re going to love Battlelands Royale on PC, a ‘flavor breaker’ of sorts in the genre. Fight to become the last surviving man in a multiplayer battle with epic proportions!

Battlelands Royale is the newest battle royale game on the block and it does not disappoint in getting players to try it out. It’s a fun and casual online shooter game that is made up of 32 players in a 3-5 minute match. It doesn’t make players wait lengthy hours in lobbies and there are no complicated menus to navigate. Simply load your game, play and parachute into the battlefield and then go loot, shoot and survive!

Gear Up Solo or Summon Your Squad Into Battle

Like many of today’s battle royale games, Battlelands Royale download for PC has different modes for you to try out. Whether you’re a casual player or you want your fair share of the daily kill streak, there’s a mode for every kind of shooter fan. Try your skills out in Solos or drag a friend into the fray Duos. Take the whole squad along and wreak havoc in the game’s Squad mode!

Tons of Content & Ridiculously Easy to Learn

Things don’t need to be complicated in a shooting game and Battlelands Royale PC is all about simple shooting madness. Just choose your landing spot, jump into the field, and start looting weapons and armor as soon as you’re ready to dish out some damage. Battle it out on a spacious map with breathtaking locations, just don’t stand in awe for too long before you get shot.

Play various Battle Events and compete in the games’ unique challenges. There are a lot of amazing and quirky characters to unlock in Battlelands Royale for PC. You’ll never know who’ll pop in as your new character, though, but whoever it is, the characters are guaranteed to be locked and loaded!

Enhance Your Shooting Experience on PC

If you want to improve your Battlelands Royale experience, you can always play it on your PC. You can do so by hopping over to today! It’s super easy. Just  follow the stepss below to download.

So, are you ready for a different kind of battle? Download and play the free Battlelands Royale fighting game on your PC today! If you’re in the mood for more action games, check out Guns of Boom – Online Shooter and Boom Beach.

Download Battlelands Royale on PC

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