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Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach puts their own spin on popular MOBA and Battle Royale gaming genres with Brawl Stars! Blast and blaze your own path by beating other players on your way to become one of the best Brawers around.

Choose Your Brawler

Brawl Stars has over 38 Brawlers that possess unique attacks and abilities. From the shotgun-toting Shelly, the brawny El Primo, to the twin-pistol cowboy Colt, and the long-range damage-dealer Piper, there is one Brawler that fits anyone’s playstyle!

Collect and level up your Brawlers to make them even more formidable when you play them against other players! As you begin to acquire win after win, you get the chance to unlock Rare and Legendary Brawlers that will help you familiarize with their playstyles. This will let you dominate other Brawl Stars players easier.

Compete in Team Game Modes

Utilizing the team mechanic, Brawl Stars offers an assortment of Game Modes that both challenge your strategic acumen and teamwork. It also creates a fun and exciting gaming atmosphere. Team-oriented Game Modes such as Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Heist, Siege, and Hot Zone give different win conditions that you and your teammates must accomplish in order to beat the opposition!

This ranges from collecting the most Gems before the end of the round, scoring the most goals, and taking down as many enemies from the opposing team to garner as many stars as possible before the time runs out. Such game modes will test how well you jive and communicate with your teammates and execute your plans on your way to victory.

Brawl Stars’ Battle Royale Mode

If you’re into a battle royale type of games, Brawl Stars has Showdown. In this game mode, there are no teammates. Your only goal is to be the last Brawler standing before the map gets filled up with noxious gas! So, take down as many enemies as you can, or hide in the brush until everything is cleared out. Whatever your technique is, you have to execute it perfectly and best than other players to cement your place as the best Solo Brawler!

But if you want a teammate, there is the Showdown Duo mode where you can team up with one player and try to take down other duos as you make your way to the middle of the map—away from the deadly gas that’s forming around you!

There are also special Event Modes that provide even more challenging but fun game mechanics for you and your team, should you wish to test your mettle and mastery of your Brawlers. Play Brawl Stars online with friends and unlock awesome Brawlers and experience a fun spin on team-oriented and battle royale gameplay!

Play Brawl Stars online now! Invite friends, challenge other players, and start making your mark in the game! You might also want to check out other nitro-packed action games for download on PC, like Badlanders and Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale!

Brawl Stars enemies on railways
Brawl Stars collectable purple gems
Brawl Stars free event rewards
Brawl Stars victors of the match
Brawl Stars enemies on railways
Brawl Stars collectable purple gems
Brawl Stars free event rewards
Brawl Stars victors of the match




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