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Most beggars in real life ask for loose change just to get by day to day. But in this game, it’s different. Beggar Life is an adventure clicker game with easy tap and click mechanics where you play as a CEO of beggars. It may not seem much, but at least it’s (still) honest work. Right? Well, we all have to start somewhere, so begging it is!

Increasing the CEO beggar’s level is simple in Beggar Life. Just keep tapping to acquire more Gold and see how you can level up quickly. Dominate mega corporations and cities to show these rich people who’s the real boss! Aside from that, you can uncover the touching stories of other beggars through their cards.

Beg, Earn & Profit in Beggar Life – Clicker Adventure!

In Beggar Life, you don’t just sit and beg for coins on the streets. If you want to level up and become a pro, you need to be creative and resourceful. To grow profits, you can hire other homeless people that can beg for more money on your behalf. There are also other ways to increase your earnings in Beggar Life. For example, you can partner with street artists, musicians, and stylists to grow your network and acquire more profits through their work.

Aside from that, you have to be smart about your money too! The money you begged for can be used to invest in a collection of artworks that can be resold at a higher price. You can even take over corporations and buy out cities and planets. Who would have thought that begging could be a lucrative career, right? Well, it surely is in Beggar Life – Clicker Adventure!

Beggar Life Game Features

  • Hire other beggars as part-timers.
  • Buy and sell collections of artwork.
  • Purchase properties and establish companies and cities.
  • Increase your level as a CEO beggar!
  • Compete with the world’s richest man in the Rich Tower.

Click the “Play Now” button to download Beggar Life – Clicker Adventure on PC now. And if idle clicker adventure games are your thing, we have tons of other choices as well! Just check out Cookie Clicker or Idle Miner Tycoon for more idle fun.

beggar life versus
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beggar life versus
beggar life selections
beggar life challenges
beggar life earn money




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