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About this Game

BEYBLADE Burst app is everything you love from the classic top game and anime. You have been chosen by a top elite group to battle in an epic global tournament. Only one player will rise as champion. Will you become that champ? Featuring classic elements such as full-on multi-layer customization and epic sparking battles, BEYBLADE BURST app is the most authentic Beyblade experience you will ever get! Engage in a never-ending battle with millions of players worldwide or duke it out with an AI. Either way, your Beyblade better show some real power. No room for the weak here! Only the toughest Beyblades will rise so download your free BEYBLADE Burst app for desktop PC.


Amazing Customization in BEYBLADE BURST app

It just doesn’t feel like Beyblade without full-on top customization. You can modify your Beyblade however you want as you please. Plus, you get to unlock new designs and layers as you level up. Each part and layer has a specific set of perks that will give you an advantage.


Intense Beyblade Combat

Best of all, the game plays just like in the anime! Sparks clank, blades go into hyper-speed and the crowd continuously roar in excitement. Fight in over multiple Beystadiums and other game modes including avatar attack and rail riding. Will you win the battle clash?


Consistent Online Multiplayer

The real heat comes in the multiplayer. Battle over millions of players all over the globe and compete in weekly tournaments. If you think you have what it takes, go ahead and sign up for regional eliminations. The game has tons of activities for you but if you are looking for more, head on to our action games page to get Crash of Cars and Monster Super League for free.

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