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About this Game


Experience a slice of what bio-engineering and genetic engineering are like in Biotix Phage Genesis PC! Ensure to survive by protecting your virions from deadly bacterias and harmful viruses! Your goal is to make sure that other cells are safe or else everything will be over. You can also modify your life form to make it more durable and resistant to other viruses! Are you excited to try the Biotix Phage Genesis Play now? Wait, there’s more!

Moreover, you can enjoy playing the game on PC with your friends. The more persons to play with, the merrier the experience will be! Show off your fighting skills and tactics against deadly viruses and bacteria on the Biotix Phage Genesis Download. It is like a war-fare category game, but more on about the bacterias. So, it’s quite a unique experience!


Create A Strong Life Form in Biotix Phage Genesis PC

Win the match by genetic engineering, which makes your life form stronger and faster to replicate. Furthermore, modifying them will also give them new abilities, and it will be more resistant to other organisms. Later on, your life form could even conquer new hosts better and faster!

Upgrades include attack, defense, reproduction, speed, and injection strengths. There are also thousands of upgrade combinations in Biotix Phage Genesis Play too. If you are good enough, you can attack enemy cells efficiently in the early part of the game.


Enjoy Upgrades and Unlock Levels!

This game has over 30 challenging levels. You can play the game in either Single Player or Multiplayer Mode. The 30 primary levels that you can try on Single Player Mode. While the Multiplayer Mode is an online PvP mode that is suitable for players who want more competitive gameplay. So, go and get a free Biotix Phage Genesis Download for PC today to experience this biowarfare at the touch of your fingertips!

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