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About this Game

Something is lurking in the corners, and it’s not human. You are a hacker in search of a valuable item within an abandoned police station. Just when you thought it was a simple pick-up and go, a strange being roamed the station and must have caused all the death and destruction in it. Now, you are trapped inside where a cat and mouse game begins between you and the supernatural beings. Download CASE: Animatronics for PC today and experience a horror game beyond just sitting around and managing cameras.

A Twist of Horror and Puzzles

Within the confines of the police station are puzzles that you need to solve. These puzzles offer a chance for you to escape the nightmare. However, for every solved puzzle, an animatronic will become more aware of your presence.

Stealth is Key

Fortunately, the animatronics are not all that smart. You will need to rely on silence and shadows if you want to outwit the monsters. You can hide inside closets, under the tables and beds if you think one of them is slowly creeping near you.

Sound is Essential

It is best that you play the game with headphones on. The game includes ambient sounds and queues that will help you pinpoint where the monsters are. The best and recommended sounds to use is the surrounds.

Your Tablet is Your Best Friend

The last thing you managed to do before finding out about the animatronics is hacking the security cameras. While you are trying to find ways to get out of the station, you will also need to observe the monsters’ movements through your tablet. Also, this matter will give you clues for their whereabouts. Think you can survive the horror? Download the CASE: Animatronics game for PC. Check out our other horror titles, including Five Nights at Freddy’s and Granny.

Gameplay Features for Free:

    • Solve puzzles and practice your skills in the game.
    • Join and play with friends for more fun.
    • Use the tablet for a different kind of game experience.
    • Learn to hide and listen all throughout the match
    • Free Play and Download!

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