Happy Color™ – Color by Number: The Coloring App of 2020

Color by Number – New Coloring Book Best PC Games

Color by Number – New Coloring Book


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About this Game

The digital mobile market is plagued with tons of apps– games and social media that cater to specific audiences. Yet few apps aim to feed the artistic mind. It’s rare to see modern apps help children invest in art and literature. Fortunately, Happy Color™ – Color by Number is there to fulfill that need, and it’s free!


Let Your Kid’s Artistic Side Flourish

Designed as an online coloring book for children, Color by Number aims to ignite the artistic talent of young ones by showing them the beauty of colors in pictures. It also allows them to think logically which is integral to their development.

To do this, the game shows a colorless picture with a series of numbers. Below it is a sequence of numbers in different colors. Clicking the numbers will trigger a change in the picture that serves as a guide to where the color should be.

It also offers different levels of difficulty giving players a more challenging experience each time. This game is also a convenient way to occupy kids’ time without needing to purchase wasteful paper coloring books every time.


Color By Number: Online Pixel Art Book For Everyone

Color By Number is making art through the mobile platform. Treat your eyes to a feast of picturesque designs and breathe life to it like Picasso livens up abstract painting. Lighten up a dull day during a commute by playing Color By Number– who says only children can enjoy this coloring app?

It’s a simple yet engaging app that is meant for everyone– especially those who love art. It’s enough that colors can brighten your day but what’s better is that you can download this magnificent masterpiece online for free! So if you want colors in your life then go to the app store and hit that download button.


Play Happy Color™ – Color by Number on PC

Heighten that colorful experience by playing Happy Color™ – Color by Number on your PC. Make that picture more vibrant by viewing it in HD on a bigger screen! Moreover, you won’t have to pay a single cent! Just follow these simple steps:


Color by Number – New Coloring Book

sample screenshot


  1. Click the magical “Play Now” button on the Games.lol page.
  2. Once the download is complete, hit the executable file on the bottom left corner of your browser.
  3. Follow the installation procedure and wait for it to finish.

Once you’re done, the game will start automatically and you’re ready to Color By Number! Board games are a simple way to have fun and pass the time, and we have more just like this one. You can try out Ludo King or play the popular game show Wheel of Fortune Free Play!

Download Color by Number – New Coloring Book on PC

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Color by Number – New Coloring Book installation.

Click "Download"
on the website.
Install the Playstore
on your computer.
Open the Playstore
(Desktop shortcut).
Access your favorite
games and enjoy!

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