Cookie Run Ovenbreak
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Devsisters Corporation

Cookie Run PC: Explore the Cookie World in This Endless Runner Game

Help GingerBrave and the rest of the Cookie Gang escape from being baked alive in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. All they need to do is to break out of the terrible Witch’s oven to achieve freedom and victory in this heart-racing cookie runner game.

Of course, there will be challenges along the way. But don’t worry, there will be power-ups and boosters to keep you going. Just make sure to guide your new cookie friends to escape the hellish-like oven.  Are you ready to give them the freedom that they deserve? Play Cookie Run: OvenBreak now on PC for free.

Help Out Over 200 Cookie Friends & Pets

In this game, other cookies may have already felt the wrath of the witch. GingerBrave just so happens to have the guts to escape. But what about his friends and pets? Well, you should help them as well!

As you progress through the game, you can unblock other cookie characters. It gives you the extra push to save them all. Although they have different personalities, they have the same bravery. When it comes to pets, Devsisters Corporation made sure to give you a little extra help. Although these pets go in different kinds, they only have one objective: to make sure you escape the oven. Each of them also possesses unique abilities that you can make use of in the game.

Collect Jellies & Coins

While you’re escaping the oven, you will have to help your cookie friends collect Jellies. These will add points that will become important later. There are also Bear Jellies that give even more points, which you will see are being added at the screen’s top. Besides that, you can also collect both silver and gold coins. All of these are counted as points. Once you have enough of these points, you can upgrade your character and pets to keep them strong and get higher scores.

Now, keep in mind that this game is not just about escaping the oven. However, it’s also about keeping track of your achievements. These points will force you to challenge yourself every day so you can keep on saving more Cookie Characters. So, what are you waiting for? Download and play the addicting Cookie Run: OvenBreak on your PC now!

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cookie run overbreak wave coins
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cookie run overbreak wave coins
cookie run overbreak locked forest
cookie run overbreak fork on sausage
cookie run overbreak tornado




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