Counter Terrorist Shoot
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Counter Terrorist Shoot: Take Part of This Shooting Game Today

counter terrorist shoot desert
counter terrorist shoot gun
counter terrorist shoot in position
counter terrorist shoot various locations
counter terrorist shoot desert
counter terrorist shoot gun
counter terrorist shoot in position
counter terrorist shoot various locations

Immerse into the chaotic world of counter-terrorism as the iconic free-to-play action shooter game Counter Terrorist Shoot makes its way to PC. Fight the incoming terror threat with your team of counter-terrorists. Become the ultimate law enforcer in one of the best-looking first-person shooting action games yet.

All You Need to Know About This Realistic FPS Game

Counter Terrorist Shoot is a free-to-play action FPS developed and published by Doing Studio in 2017. Since its initial launch, this shooting game managed to accumulate millions of downloads across platforms. It is mainly focused on multiplayer gameplay that allows up to five players to compete in various game modes in various maps. In addition, it comes with a wide array of weapons, including AK47, MP5, Shotguns, assault rifles, and much more.

How to Play Counter Terrorist Shoot?

Counter Terrorist Shoot follows the basic gameplay mechanics of most FPS online multiplayer games. Starting a new game takes you directly to the language selection screen that showcases a wide selection of languages for you to choose from. After choosing your preferred language, the game will take you to the main title menu that displays the buttons for the main settings menu, store, and play button.

Clicking the play button will take you to the environment selection screen that features the various game maps. You can also choose from the game’s various modes, which include the Zombie mode, Bomb, Defuse mode, and Mission mode. Counter Terrorist Shoot also allows you to unlock multiple items in the game. All you need to do is score enough points to unlock items and weapons that you can use on your next battle.

If you are looking for a straightforward multiplayer shooter game that you and your friends can play for free online, Counter Terrorist Shoot is one you should check out.

Exciting Game Features to Enjoy

  • Realistic high-quality 3D graphics
  • Various game modes
  • A wide selection of weapons
  • A diverse collection of maps
  • Free to play

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