Crash of Cars Online: Multiplayer Automotive Destruction

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Crash of Cars

Not Doppler

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About this Game

Crash of Cars is a game that lets you control different vehicles and upgrade their weapons to lay waste to your opponents! Created by Not Doppler, this fun multiplayer car arena action game puts you against other players while trying to gather as many crowns as you can.

Control, Collect & Destroy Vehicles

Harkening back to popular car battle games like Twisted Metal and Destruction Derby, Crash of Cars lets you access many vehicles that are equipped with weapons and power-ups.

As you progress through Crash of Cars PC matches, you get the chance to unlock over 100+ vehicles. These range from a race car, a tank, a fire truck, a Buggy, and a Spanish Galleon! Collecting Crowns is essential since you will get coins whenever you hit a personal record. Use these coins to unlock skins that you can use to customize the look of your favorite vehicles!

Apart from Crowns, look for crates and power-ups littered across the map and use them to blow up enemy players! Once you have collected enough Crowns, be prepared to defend them against opponents! So what are you waiting for? Get into the driver’s seat of your favorite vehicle and plow through the opposition in Crash of Cars Online!

Crash of Cars PC Game Features

  • Combat other players online in real-time
  • Over 100 vehicles to unlock
  • 30 plus vehicle skins
  • Fun Mission System

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