Smash Bandits Racing
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Hutch Games

Smash Bandits Racing - Power Up Your Fastest Car to Outrun Cops

smash bandits racing download free
smash bandits racing download full version
smash bandits racing download PC free
smash bandits racing download PC
smash bandits racing download free
smash bandits racing download full version
smash bandits racing download PC free
smash bandits racing download PC

Are you fond of racing games and looking for something more intense? Then, you must not miss the chance to get Smash Bandits Racing. In this racing game, you’re required to be fast and furious. So you need to power up your car’s engine to its fullest and activate your full speed. Or else the cops will catch you!

Published by Hutch Games, Smash Bandits Racing is unlike traditional racing games. Here, you’ll play the role of a bandit, and you must do your best to escape the police chasing you, not only on the roads but through the air. So you won’t deal with other racers in this game or opt for the first spot at the finish line.

Smash Bandits Racing – The Rebellious Racer

As mentioned above, you’ll play the role of a criminal, and your ultimate mission is to escape the cops. Here, you’ll need to drive your raging car and smash everything that blocks your way. You’re free to do all crazy things, you can crash your car next to you, and you can even cause catastrophic accidents. With the fantastic visual effects of Smash Bandits Racing, you’ll be on your toes and ask for more intense bustling.

As you play Smash Bandits Racing, remember that there are loads of police cars watching you and trying to take you down. But, because you’re a bandit, you love chaos, and you’ll continuously do loads of smashing that will give you points in return. For instance, you can do insane smashes in sceneries, including bridges, alleys, streets, and more.

Upgrade Your Car & Smash Some More!

As you progress in Smash Bandits Racing, the police cars who are chasing you will increase in number. There will be a time that they’ll block you. Moreover, you might get stuck, and smashing them is not good enough. To withstand them, you should upgrade your car by using the money you’ve earned from smashing.

In boosting your racing car in Smash Bandits Racing, you can upgrade your car’s speed and its power control system to enhance its ability to crash more violently. You can also opt for anti-slip tires if you want. There are times you’ll get supercars as a reward in the form of Hot Rod, Hummer Cars, stunners, Tanks, and even helicopters.

Aside from the cops, you also need to fight against other players’ performance on the leaderboard. Take note that your score corresponds to your performance, including the smash scenes, TV ratings, and the cash you’ve earned. So, who do you think deserves the top of the leaderboards? Show what you’ve got now!

Thrilling Smash Bandits Racing Game Features

  • A fun and intense racing game
  • Do insane smash to various types of sceneries
  • Don’t let the cops catch you
  • Upgrade the specs of your car
  • Get awesome rewards and supercars
  • Aim for the top spot on the leaderboards

Are you ready to make more intensive actions in Smash Bandits Racing? Well, save some of your superb driving skills because there are loads of racing games waiting for you here in For your reference, you can download and play games like Crash Drive 2: 3D Racing Cars and Demolition Derby: Crash Racing on your PC for free.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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