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About this Game

Amid the different action and arcade games out there, sometimes you just want to sit back and play a less-stressful game. We all need a break from incessant fighting and strategizing, right? Luckily for you, Inertia Software has just the game for you – Cross-Stitch World! Moreover, Cross-Stitch World lets you relax and create extravagant patterns to complete at the comfort of your desktop or mobile device. Just choose a pattern and see your thread-laden creations come to life in vibrant colors and hues!

Thousands of Patterns to Choose From

Picking the right pattern is no problem for you when you play Cross-Stitch World. The developers have created over one thousand different patterns that you can choose from. These designs range from breathtaking landscapes and vistas, magnificent animals, sublime wilderness and nature images, as well as optical illusions and portraits! These designs are just waiting for you to be colored with your trusty digital needle and thread.

The developers also keep changing the available patterns on a regular basis. This means that you will always have brand new patterns to discover! Or if you feel like being creative, Cross-Stitch World also lets you design your very own pattern from any image you like.

Easy Controls

Playing Cross-Stitch World is also a breeze. Inertia Software has designed the gameplay and controls to be as simple as possible to exude the calming and relaxing nature of actual cross-stitching. You can play Cross-Stitch World with one hand or finger without any trouble. Simply choose which thread you want to use and place it on the corresponding area where you want it stitched, and the game will apply your choices accordingly.

Share Your Cross-Stitch World Creations Online

After you’ve completed cross-stitching patterns, the game allows you to sync with your social media account, mainly Facebook. This way, you can seamlessly share all the wonderful artwork you’ve accomplished with your friends online. Play and enjoy Cross-Stitch World for free! Don’t forget to add Love Balls and Six! to the list of puzzle games you could also enjoy. Download and play them all now!

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