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CSR Classics - Play & Dominate Speed With This Racing Game

csr classics Lamborghini Countach LP 400
csr classics Shelby Cobra 427
csr classics vintage cars
csr classics Willys Americar Coupe
csr classics Lamborghini Countach LP 400
csr classics Shelby Cobra 427
csr classics vintage cars
csr classics Willys Americar Coupe

Do you want to play an adrenaline-driven video game? Do you love racing with cars virtually and immersing yourself in action? If you prefer these two qualities in a video game, then CSR Classics is the game for you. It is a virtual car racing game that allows players to drive high-end cars virtually. These are some of the greatest cars that boast immersive action once you drive them.

CSR stands for Custom Street Racing. This classic racing game published by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. transpires in a city resembling Las Vegas. With cars that suit best in an environment that encourages competition, you will do your best to race and compete. The urban environment also helps add to the action. Best, this game is free to play!

Also, choose from a wide variety of greatest cars from the 1950s to the 1980s. If racing with these cars is one of your dreams, then do not ever let this game pass.

CSR Classics – Meet the Badass Cars

In CSR Classics, the single-player component is divided into 5 tiers. Each of the tiers boasts a progressively faster opposition and car choices. In Tier 1, the 3 most popular car models are Audi, Mini, and Lotus. In Tier 2, the 3 most popular car models are Ford, Lotus, and Toyota. The car models that are present in Tiers 1 and 2 can also be found in the following Tiers. Regardless of their popularity, all of the cars are capable of competing in the race.

To buy a car, you can choose between loved and unloved cars. Those that are rusty and fully stock with no upgrades are classified as unloved cars. On the other hand, loved cars are those almost fully restored with some performance upgrades. The economic difference between the two is you can only purchase loved cars with gold. Unloved cars on the other hand can be purchased with cash.

Challenge the Boss

As mentioned before, CSR Classics has 5 tiers. To progress in the game, you should first defeat the boss’ crew. After that, in order to proceed to the next tier, you need to race and beat the crew bosses. If you beat each of the bosses three times in each of the levels, you will then be challenged to a racing match.

This challenge involves a high-stakes rematch. If you win the race, you will get that boss’ car. The car that you will get is one tier above the tier that you’re in. If you lose, you need to give back the prize gold that you won from the previous level.

Surely, CSR Classics is not the same as traditional racing games. In this racing game, there are no steering, braking, and even acceleration controls. Instead, you need to focus on the timing of gear changes. Furthermore, to elevate your speed, you can use a nitrous upgrade. This can be done by clicking on the screen.

Key Game Features You Will Like

  • Race with over 50 greatest cars that you have never seen before
  • Own the city by beating all the toughest gang drivers and bosses
  • Free to play racing game in Las Vegas setting
  • Play in an urban environment
  • Get into daily battles using loaned cars

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Minimum System Requirements

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