Dadish 2
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Thomas K Young

Dadish 2 - Experience the Enjoyable & Challenging Platformer Adventure

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dadish 2 pc download
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Embark on this new platformer adventure that is Dadish 2. A game that takes you to an adorable environment where you dodge obstacles. You can challenge your reflexes if you have what it takes to continue to harder levels. If you want to enter into this platformer adventure, play the game and pursue the fun.

Play Dadish 2’s Biggest Adventure

Published by Thomas K Young, Dadish 2 is an action game where you embark on challenging platforming adventures. It follows the journey of a radish dad who is looking for his missing children. He sets off on an adventure that allows him to encounter obstacles he never met before. It is the biggest adventure where all challenges are not that easy to overcome. As a player, you will play through 50 rad levels of increasing difficulty.

The higher the level, so as obstacles that can put you back to where you begin. There are many challenges you should embark on in Dadish 2 on PC. Encounter the titans like fast-food themed baddies baddies that can run into you. They have the power to slow or even ruin your progress in the game. Sharpen your sight and unleash the power of fatherhood as you embark on your biggest adventure.

Progress Through 50 Rad Levels

As mentioned, this game reveals a story of fatherhood and what heroism it can do. Dadish embarks on a mission to locate his missing children in this endearing and difficult platformer game. It is after an unforeseen “Bring Your Kids To Work Day” ends in mayhem. He sets off on an epic voyage over a vibrant world full of villains and mysteries just waiting to be revealed. Your role is to assist him in navigating through a variety of difficulties and problems. Play through difficult levels and surpass each obstacle using your reflexes.

The game offers you an action-packed journey with 50 captivating levels to explore. Each level is purposefully created to offer you a hard but rewarding experience. You will become completely engrossed in the world of fast food. Meet enormous talking hamburgers, and screeching possums. Along with the game’s difficulty levels, you can also find stars and uncover unlockable secrets by collecting them. You’ll never know what you will encounter as you ride rockets, climb trees, and navigate through marshes.

Dadish 2 PCGame Features to Enjoy

  • Embark on a long platformer journey
  • A heroic quest of a father to find his missing children
  • Traverse different 2D environments and dodge obstacles
  • Set off on an epic voyage to a world full of villains
  • Meet quirky characters that like talking hamburgers
  • Find stars and uncover unlockable secrets
  • Sharpen your reflexes for each harder level
  • Clever dialogues that enhance the fun

Embark on a heroic fatherhood journey in this fascinating platformer game that is Dadish 2. Also, check out other action games here in with platformer features like Temple Run and Rail Rush.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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