Dam Haji
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Lipandes Studios

Dam Haji Game: Checkers Unlike Any Other

dam haji download PC
dam haji download PC free
dam haji download full version
dam haji download free
dam haji download PC
dam haji download PC free
dam haji download full version
dam haji download free

Checkers is one of the most fun board games that you can play. And two of the primary reasons for it are its simplistic gameplay and competitive nature. Checkers is such a fun and popular game that it has several versions. One of those versions is the Malaysian or Singaporean checkers commonly known as Dam Haji. This popular board game is turned into an app with the same name and is published by Lipanded Studios.

The gameplay of Dam Haji is similar to the draughts checkers, but there are some variations with the rules. To help you understand better, let’s discuss in more detail the rules of Dam Haji.

The Rules Behind The Board Game Dam Haji

When you start playing Dam Haji, you will have three game modes to choose from, player-vs-AI, player-vs-player, and online. The first two don’t require an internet connection and the local multiplayer allows you to play using one device.. Online is where you play against other players from different countries. Once you’ve chosen the game mode, you will then set up the rules, the size of the board, and other parameters.

You can choose to play this game on an 8×8 board, a 10×10 board, or a 12×12 board. Once you’ve set the parameters, you can start playing. The goal for this game is similar to checkers, and that is to eliminate all of your opponent’s checker pieces. You can also force them to have no more legal moves. Dam Haji however, has more flexibility when it comes to the board. You can have a round with large boards with over 30 checker pieces.

This makes this game longer to play than regular checkers since there are more pieces involved. Strategy plays a key role in winning matches especially with these numbers of pieces. Another difference is that kings in Dam Haji can move more than one space, both forwards and back. This will make it possible for players to strategically place kings for an advantage.

This makes Dam Haji more challenging and competitive to play than regular checkers. You can place kings in areas to guard certain boxes so enemies will be wary of moving their standard piece. The more kings you have, the harder it will be for the enemy to defeat you.

The Main Features of The Dam Haji Board Game

  • Real-time multiplayer game mode.
  • Cool offline gameplay.
  • Free-to-play on PC.
  • A fun and competitive version of checkers.

Dam Haji is quite a competitive and lengthy board game. If you want something quicker you can play a regular round of Checkers or Chess Free. You can get both for free through our Games.lol client. Get the best out of PC gaming by downloading all the awesome titles here!




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