Dark Sword Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Dark Sword Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Dark Sword PC Download | #1 Free-to-play action RPG game


Get ready to embark on a dark quest in the epic hack ‘n slash action RPG, Dark Sword! Explore a plethora of levels in intense silhouette-style action that is favored by millions of RPG enthusiasts across the world. Start your epic adventures with a free Dark Sword PC download now!

Take the role of a mighty warrior and seek out the dark dragon in order to bring light into your world once again. Engage in epic battles against a hoard of monsters and evil bosses that come in all shapes and sizes. Wield the dark sword today by clicking on the “Play Now” button on your screen and enjoy the game’s cool features as listed below.


Experience An Immersive Narrative on Dark Sword Play

Dark Sword tells the story of a dark dragon who somehow managed to seal the gateway to the sun. This led to the corruption of all living creatures and placed the entire world in complete darkness. As a result, players take the role of a dark knight who is out on a mission to seek and slay the dark dragon. Start your adventure across the dark realm and face a plethora of enemies along the way on Dark Sword game!


Fast-Paced Silhouette-Style Action

The game employs the use of unique silhouette-style graphics brilliantly integrated in a fast-paced action that will keep you busy for hours. Enjoy hours of hack ‘n slash gameplay complete with dynamic special effects and brilliantly rendered audio in this RPG game.


Tons of Weapons and Items to Discover on Dark Sword PC

Like most RPG games, Dark Sword comes with hundreds of items and skills that are waiting for you to unlock. Arm yourself with devastating weapons, resilient armors, ability boosting magic stones and treasures. Discover and acquire tier-based items from average to a powerful legendary collection of equipment by simply playing the game.


Multiple Game Modes to Explore

Dark Sword features multiple game modes in addition to its single-player campaign. You may either compete in epic battles against players across the world in Arena Mode, or challenge yourself in various special quests in Raids. Discover and unlock new areas with new enemies in Dungeons, or take the ultimate skill test in Hardcore Mode.

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Game Download

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Dark Sword installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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