DC Legends: Fight Superheroes
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DC Legends PC – Assemble A Powerful Team Of DC Comics Heroes

dc legends battle download free
dc legends battle download full version
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dc legends battle download PC
dc legends battle download free
dc legends battle download full version
dc legends battle download PC free
dc legends battle download PC

If you love playing RPGs, then you should try playing DC Legends Fight Superheroes. What’s interesting about this RPG is that it’s a game that’s based on DC Comics. This means that you get to play with popular DC heroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, and so on. Of course, the characters are not limited to just superheroes, as there are also supervillains that you can use. The goal in this game is to assemble a powerful team of DC characters to deal with the Blackest Night prophecy.

How To Play DC Legends Fight Superheroes

Knowing how DC Legends Fight Superheroes works won’t be a problem since this RPG is like many games out there. It starts with a tutorial that will teach you the gameplay. You will first learn about the battle sequence, which is a typical RPG battle system, utilizing a turn-based system. This means that you and your opponent will take turns doing an action.

Who goes first will depend on the heroes on the field since some heroes have quick cooldowns. Aside from the battle sequence, you also learn a bit about how to acquire heroes, as well as upgrade them. The tutorial will also teach you a bit about the storyline of DC Legends Fight Superheroes. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can start playing the game on your own.

Mix Up A Team Of Heroes & Villains

Like with many RPGs available out there, a big part of this game is collecting DC characters. Your goal is to assemble a powerful team and then use them for various battles. There are the usual mission quests, where completing them will progress the story. Then there’s also the multiplayer mode in DC Legends Fight Superheroes. In this mode, you will battle against the team assembled by other players.

What’s great about assembling teams in DC Legends Fight Superheroes is that you don’t just have to stick to heroes. You can also acquire supervillains and use them on your team. In other words, you can assemble a team that includes Joker and Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor, or Green Lantern and Sinestro.

DC Legends Game Features

  • Collect and use more than 130 DC Comics characters
  • Assemble a powerful team of DC characters and battle against other players
  • Develop and level up your heroes and villains to make them stronger.

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