D&D Style RPG (Choices Game)
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D&D Style RPG - Make Smart Choices In this Modern Adventure RPG

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Most role-playing games have an action-packed nature with modern graphicsWell, this RPG is different, but it can still provide lots of excitement and entertainment when you play. It’s titled D&D Style RPG (Choices Game). It’s an adventure RPG published by Delight Games. You play the role of various characters in the game, starting as a wizard. What’s interesting is that this is not your typical adventure RPG. It’s a text-based RPG.

Instead of getting to do some actions and participate in epic battles, you read and make choices. So let’s discuss this text RPG in more detail so you’ll see that it’s a great game to play.

Make Choices & Deal with Consequences

It’s important to note that D&D Style RPG is not like the interactive story games you can play. Yes, the game is more of a story and you make choices that affect the story’s direction. But your choices in this RPG have consequences. One example is if you make a wrong choice you can lose a life. You can see that this game is more like an RPG instead of an interactive story.

Your character will have stats like Life, Mana, etc. It highly depends on the choices or actions you make, in which those stats either increase or decrease. It’s like playing an actual RPG game, except everything is done via text. But that’s what makes this more intriguing and exciting. You pay more attention to what’s happening since every choice you make could have consequences, either good or bad.

Incredible Text-Based RPG Game Mechanics

Most RPGs would have a tutorial to teach you the basics of the gameplay. But this game doesn’t need one since it’s a text-based RPG. You just read the story and make decisions to progress in your adventure. Your choices will have consequences and can affect the stats that you have. Not all of them do that. However, most of your choices do. It’s why it’s important to decide carefully how to proceed.

You need to think like an adventurer when you read and play this game. The choices for some scenarios are obvious, but for most, you need to have good judgment. When you gain something after a choice, it’s shown in green letters and when you lose something it’s shown in red letters at the top. There are also achievements you can acquire when you make certain choices. Though the game is text-based, it’s still exciting and very engaging to play.

Interactive Modern Text-Based Game Features

  • A simple but very addictive game
  • Enjoy the old-school style text RPG
  • A compelling storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat
  • Free to play and no premium choices

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