Dicey Elementalist
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Dicey Elementalist - Enjoy an Immersive Board Game Inspired by Yahtzee

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It’s always fun to play strategy games since it’s a game of wits. You try to outsmart your opponent with your strategy to can win the match. So if you’re looking for a fun casual strategy game to play, you need to check out Dicey Elementalist. Published by Doublethink Games, it’s a game that’s inspired by the dice game Yahtzee, where you use five dice and reroll until you find the dice you want.

But for Dicey Elementalist, the dice represent different elements instead of numbers. Additionally, this game features deck building, battles, strategies, and many more. Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay and how it works to see if it’s worth it to download Dicey Elementalist.

Download Dicey Elementalist & Become The Dice Master

The gameplay of Dicey Elementalist is similar to that of a roguelike game where you crawl through dungeons and battle enemies. Once you defeat them, you move to the next, but you’re given options on abilities, skills, or rewards you want to bring with you to the next dungeon. One major difference here is that the battle becomes a card game instead of the usual roguelike battle gameplay.

During the card battle, you’ll have cards available to use. However, your ability to use them will depend on the elemental dice you currently have. If you don’t have enough elements to use the cards, you can reroll the dice elements. Once the elements you need are present, you can use the card to attack the enemy. The goal is to defeat the enemy, so you can move to the next dungeon.

After defeating the enemy, you’re given two rewards and you just need to pick which one you want to bring to the next dungeon. It’s an interesting game that’s fun to play, let’s now discuss how the game is played in the next section.

Exciting & Compelling Gameplay

When you start playing Dicey Elementalist, you’ll first encounter a short narration story where it narrates how your journey began. After that, you’ll undergo a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Each card in your deck will have an elemental cost to use during battle. For example, an attack card has two water signs on them. Therefore, you need two water elements to use that card.

The elementals are represented on each side of a dice. You will use 5 dice during battle, which gives you a good chance to have similar elements. If you don’t like the dice elements available, you can reroll it twice to give you a higher chance of getting the element twice. If you already have an element you don’t want to lose because of the reroll, just tap on the element and it will remain even after enrolling.

Dicey Elementalist Casual Game Features

  • A fun and simple game that you will enjoy playing
  • Build a powerful deck to battle enemies and progress in the dungeons
  • Use different heroes with unique abilities
  • A game that’s reliant on strategy, skills, and luck

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