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Dream House Days

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Dream House Days Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Dream House Days PC Version | Fall in Love and Build your Dream Home!


Now you can play as an architect, interior designer, and landlord all at the same time! Play Dream House Days PC with your friends now! This cute and retro-style inspired game is a fun real estate game that you can play casually on your phone or PC. Yes, you can enjoy the game on PC when you try and get this cute play now!

Moreover, start building your home, design apartments, and be a responsible landlord to improve the ratings of your space. Later on, you will be reeling in celebrity tenants such as athletes and pop stars! Play Dream House Days Game on PC now.


Decorate Your Place and Collect Rent in Dream House Days PC!

To increase apartment ratings and rent, you have to make sure that your tenants can live comfortably in Dream House Days Game. You have to decorate your place with house plants, paintings, and furniture! In addition, you can set aside an entertainment room where you can put an HD TV and a game console for your tenants.

For artistic tenants, you can create an art bar with easels and a grand piano that they can play with. Plus, you can also establish more shops for your tenants’! It will grant them such convenience like mini-marts, saunas, laundry rooms, and so much more! Try Dream House Days Download to start playing on PC.


Help Your Tenants Find Jobs and Romance

The fun never stops in this game! There’s a lot of exciting features to discover like decorating your apartment. But the game is more than that! You have a great opportunity that awaits you in this exciting game!

You also play as your tenants’ matchmaker and career counselor. Every now and then, your tenants will ask for help when it comes to finding jobs and romance in your town. Help them hit it off with the other tenants or get them to climb up the corporate ladder fast with your wisdom and expert advice!

Start playing Dream House Days Download on your desktop now. And of course, don’t forget to share this awesome game with your loved ones! What are you waiting for? Run Dream House Days Game now!

Are you to build something more and play casual games? Check out the Chain Reaction game or Physics Drop for a different kind of challenge!

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Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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