Dungeon Quest
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Dungeon Quest – Go On Epic & Action-Packed Adventures

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If you’re someone who enjoys playing role-playing games, then you should try playing Dungeon Quest. Published by Shiny Box, LLC, it’s an action-adventure RPG where you get to go on adventures and battle various monsters. You get to pick from several types of heroes to use and then upgrade them to make them stronger. You also get to try and acquire powerful items or use the game’s crafting system to create them.

It’s an interesting RPG that offers many different things for you to enjoy. It’s a game that’s worth downloading and playing. Let’s discuss in more detail what this action-adventure RPG has to offer and how the gameplay works.

Playing Dungeon Quest for the First Time

Like with any RPG, you will undergo a short tutorial when you play Dungeon Quest. But before you do that, you first have to select which hero you want to use in the game. You can choose between a Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue. The Wizard is a ranged hero that uses magic and is a master of the elements. The Warrior is a brutal close-range fighter, while the rogue is a mixture of ranged and melee attacks.

There’s no right and wrong in terms of which class of hero to use. All of them provide advantages and disadvantages. It will come down to your preference. After that, you proceed to the tutorial in the first level of the campaign mode. What’s great about the tutorial is that it won’t spoon-feed you everything. It will provide certain descriptions about things, and then you do them.

The battle sequence in this game is hack and slash, meaning you will encounter and fight enemies as you’re walking around. Like with any RPG, you also get to gain experience as you do battle and level up. You also earn resources and get items as you kill enemies and complete missions. You can also acquire pets that can help you in your journey. Your success in this game will depend on the development of your hero. This includes leveling up, upgrading skills, and using powerful items.

One way to get powerful items is through crafting. Suppose you have the dust and materials for it. In that case, you can craft powerful legendary items without relying on random chances to get them. You can also craft powerful pets, which makes completing missions easier. Aside from completing various levels in the campaign mode, you can also test your hero in the battle arena.

The Features of this Action-Adventure Game

  • Choose from 3 unique hero classes
  • Free to play and download on PC
  • Complete various levels in campaign mode and earn resources
  • Battle against other players in the Arena to test your hero
  • Enjoy gaming with friends online

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