EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration Best PC Games

EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration

Survival, Explore and Craft Games

EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration | Free on PC

Tired of the same world on Minecraft? Maybe you’re looking for a map that’s bigger with more resources to gather and hundreds more species to hunt and farm? Well, you’re in luck because EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration got them for you!

Explore the vast world of EarthCraft 3D as you discover areas from the surface down to the very bottom pits of the planet. In short, it’s your classic survival 101 but made with more materials to gather and more creatures to slay! Forge weapons using different resources, go fishing or just create your own farm filled with barn animals and crops!

The game also features a day/night cycle where random spawns emerge. Which are both friendly and hostile. In the end, it’s up to you whether to stay at home and cozy up in the evening. Otherwise, go all out and slay the deadly familiars.

Sandbox games tend to be repetitive but in this case, the game always finds its way to keep your experience feeling fresh! There are no premade stories here – YOU build your own story.

Play EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration today on PC! No need for emulators! Download it now! So get going and discover more Adventure Games from our selection, such as Last Day on Earth: Survival and MapleStory M!

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