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About this Game

If you want to experience a new card battle game, you have to try out Eredan Arena PVP. An intense, quick card blitz game with one of the most action-packed strategy systems around. Choose from hundreds of decks and use them to your advantage against an AI or a fellow player. Participate in one of the most competitive card games made for free to play platforms. Get the Eredan Arena PVP download on PC only here.

Plentiful Cards to Choose From in Eredan Arena

You get to have a wide range of decks based on your playstyle. Every card is categorized by offensive, defensive or utility purposes that you can use during battle phases. What you choose is up to you because every card in the game is well-balanced and thought out. Additionally, all the cards found in this game are friendly for all players, whether you are a free player or a paying customer. What matters is your strategic skills.

Quick Battles, Memorable Matches

Eredan Arena PVP is a faster and smaller card game compared to others before it. This thought results in shorter matches, which can only take around 5 to 10 minutes to finish. It is an excellent choice for players who find long-term card games boring or if you are just someone who likes to play a more streamlined card game than Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering.

Play Offline or Online

Whatever you choose, Eredan Arena PVP clashes are always unique. Practice and hone yourself in a wide selection of offline modes where you can also select the difficulty of the AI. It is also an excellent tool if you prefer to play solo or have internet issues. But, the main spotlight of the game comes in its glorious PVP. This part is where you can matchmake with just about anybody in the world.

Eredan Arena Game Features:

    • Build an amazing deck in the game!
    • Collect hundreds of heroes available in the play
    • Evolve all your characters in the match
    • Play anywhere you like!
    • Free to play and Download

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