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About this Game

Welcome to Vanguard ZERO – a card game that redefines everything you know about card battles but with more waifus than you can ever count in Yugioh and Shadowverse.  Now you can play Cardfight Vanguard online directly on PC for free. Get the Cardfight Vanguard Zero download only here and experience the game on a bigger and better screen.

The best fights are the most heated one on one battles. Choose to play against a highly smart AI or compete in the rank ladder as you seek glory among millions of players worldwide. Play the game today for free with the ease of a mouse and keyboard.

Free to Play, Free to Win

One of the most unfortunate traits about a card game is its unfair advantage of winning players. To simplify, you only need to buy the best decks, and you win the majority of matches – which is a bummer for f2p players. However, such is not the case for Vanguard Zero. It is one of the few card games that does not require you to pay for powerful decks. You only need to play through the game to get the cards that you want. Remember, the best Vanguard players don’t even need to buy cards at all.

Play in a Competitive Scene

Cardfight Vanguard online is the heart and soul of the game. The competitive ladder is the main attraction of the game, filled with the fiercest players worldwide. Now and then, the game also hosts tournaments from different regions and rallies the winners into the best of the best to see who will get crowned the world’s best card player. Play the game for absolutely free on the PC and crossplay with other players region free and with no paywalls.

Vanguard Zero Game Features

  • Enjoy a one of a kind card battle match in the game.
  • Dive into many game attractions of Vanguard Zero!
  • Catch the game’s epic story mode with your circle of friends.
  • A Free Game to Play that you can enjoy anytime!
  • Experienced Optimized game mechanics online.

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