Evil Apples: A Dirty Card Game
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Evil Studios Limited

Evil Apples PC: Unleash Your Dirty Humor Along with Friends

Test your sense of humor in a crazy yet equally naughty card game! Play Evil Apples on your PC and enjoy one of the most insane digital party games in history!

Created by Evil Studios Limited, Evil Apples is a quirky and fun game that tests your sense of humor. Players are given ten white cards each with different answers., Then a purple card will be flashed on the screen that asks a question or a phrase. You and the other players are tasked to come up with the darkest or funniest answer. The judge will choose which answer is the best, and the chosen gets one point. The first player to get seven points is the overall winner!

Play Evil Apples On PC with Friends

Evil Apples has four game modes – Classic, Bizzaro, Survivor, and Random. These give a unique spin to the format and introduce new game mechanics that you need to be aware of.

Classic mode is the standard Evil Apples game where it’s a race for the first seven points. You and the other players can discard and play wildcards in this mode. Bizzaro changes the game mechanics altogether by switching the questions with answers. This mode plays a lot like Jeopardy since your task is to give the most heinous or humorous one-liner. The judge will then pick the best answer among the contestants.

Survivor plays like a last-person standing version of the Classic mode. You have to pick the best answer with the ten cards you have, and you cannot refill your hand. You’d have to make the best out of your current hand and plan your moves accordingly to win.

Finally, picking the Random mode lets the computer decide what kind of game you and the other players will engage in. This way, you can add some variety to your games to make them more exciting. Test out how well or evil your sense of humor is by playing Evil Apples on your desktop! Download the game and play now! Enjoy this fun party game app with full-screen gameplay and customized keymaps!

Game Features of this Dirty Card Game

  • Over 3,500 white cards and 800 red cards to mix and match
  • Play with friends online or with strangers in Random Blitz Mode.
  • Different game modes to play
  • Fun, humorous cards to use
  • Free-to-play

If you are mature enough to handle some naughty jokes, click on the download button on your screen today. Feel free to explore more card games like Okey and Solitaire.

Evil Apples dads history
Evil Apples wrong name
Evil Apples bedroom activities
Evil Apples leonardo
Evil Apples dads history
Evil Apples wrong name
Evil Apples bedroom activities
Evil Apples leonardo




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