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Evo Pop - Conquer the Area With Your More Colorful Yet Powerful Evos

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Are you ready for a hilarious game you can play for hours or even the entire day? It’s time for you to play Evo Pop now! In this strategy game, you are tasked with controlling colorful creatures called Evos. These creatures live in a particular colony, and they can grow and, at the same time, multiply immensely fast.

Published by ZeptoLab, Evo Pop is a fantastic game that enables you to play with adorable characters in square block form. Sometimes you see characters with round flashing eyes in the middle. Are you ready to learn more about these funny square blocks? Download and play Evo Pop now!

Evo Pop – Defeat Your Enemies With Your Evos

In Evo Pop, your Evo will be set in various tasks. At first, you’ll be set with easy tasks that are easy to surpass. But as you progress in the game, the tasks will become harder. So you need to upgrade your Evo in order to withstand future levels.

In playing Evo Pop, you must know how to develop your Evo to defeat enemies. There are loads of ways how to develop your Evo. One way is to utilize magic to escalate the size of your blocks. Another way to upgrade them is to let them eat grass and flowers. Lastly, you can develop your Evo by generating more Evos and eating the smaller ones.

Follow the Rules to Win the Battles

To surpass all of the tasks in Evo Pop, you need to understand the rules and follow them carefully. One rule you need to follow is never to disregard your enemy in the first round. Also, it would be best if you came up with an effective strategy. In this game, your Evos have 5 ways to attack their enemies. You can choose to multiply, explode, become more extensive, slide, or jump over your opponent. You can navigate these ways at the bottom of your game screen.

To unleash more powerful attacks you have to wait longer until the power bar of a specific attack reaches its point. However, it would help if you were still quick in executing your attacks, as your enemies are spreading quickly. So, are you ready to unveil your promising skills and defeat your Evo enemies with your strategy? Play Evo Pop now!

Exciting Evo Pop Game Features You Shouldn’t Miss

A fun yet challenging strategy game
Immerse your Evo in various incremental tasks
Learn the 3 ways how to upgrade and evolve your Evo
Unleash your most promising strategies in defeating your enemies quickly
Access and tactically use the 5 attacks of your Evo

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