Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer
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Eyes the Horror Game - Successfully Escape the Monster in the Mansion

eyes scary thriller download PC
eyes scary thriller download PC free
eyes scary thriller download full version
eyes scary thriller download free
eyes scary thriller download PC
eyes scary thriller download PC free
eyes scary thriller download full version
eyes scary thriller download free

Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer by FearLessGames is a terrifying survival horror game that will push your limits. You break into a huge mansion at night, hoping to escape with your life. But it’s built like a maze, and you’re not alone. The chase begins as the monster sets its sights on you.

Eyes the Horror Game – Escape the Frightening Monsters

While exploring the decaying rooms in search of riches, the flickering lights, rattling books on shelves, and the static-filled TV create a palpable sense of fear. You must use all your survival skills to evade the monster and escape the mansion.

The horrors of the mansion need not be faced alone, as the addition of multiplayer allows you to experience the terror with your friends. Do you have the courage and skill to survive and escape?

Escape More Levels & Utilize Mystical Eye Runes

With Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer, you can make your own customized demon with distinctive looks and music or come across a variety of terrifying beasts and monsters. Unlock a variety of levels and see yourself in an old haunted mansion, an abandoned hospital, and a dismal school.

Surviving the monster’s grudge requires using mystical Eye runes to see through its twisted vision, while a hand-drawn map helps plan your next move. Compete on global leaderboards with fellow adventurers or play offline.

Experience the perfect blend of horror and thriller with tense gameplay, sudden jump scares, and a chilling atmosphere. See if you and your friends can withstand the terror in the much-awaited multiplayer feature by now downloading Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer.

Terrifying Eyes the Horror Game PC Features

    • Free multiplayer horror game with a maze-like mansion and monster chase
    • Choose from multiple scary monsters or create your own demon
    • Unlock numerous levels and gameplay modes
    • Use mystical Eye runes and a hand-drawn map to survive the monster’s grudge
    • Compete on global leaderboards or play offline
    • Play in multiplayer mode for surviving together with friends

Are you ready to face your fears and survive the horrors of Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer by FearLessGames? Download now and experience the adrenaline rush of trying to escape a monster in a maze-like mansion.

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Minimum System Requirements

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