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About this Game

Experience the possibility of an end of civilization scenario with Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s mobile companion for Fallout series fanatics. It answers the question of what happens when society collapses after a nuclear fallout. The answer? Society lives on — in Vaults prepared ahead of time and overseen by you, the Overseer.

As the Overseer, it is your job to make life in the Vault provided by VaultTec almost the same or better than how it was before. You must create the perfect vault and keep your dwellers happy in Fallout Shelter online’s game. Protect them from the many dangers of the Wasteland and they’ll do lots of things for you, making your Vault a truly working community of individuals.


Your Choices are Your Dwellers’ Choices

The choices that you make will shape what kind of life your Vault Dwellers will have in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland of Fallout Shelter Online game. Will they have a no-worry life with their bellies full of food and access to clean water? Or will they have to deal with power shortages, lack of potable water and food? The choice is up to you, oh great Overseer!

There are some legendary Fallout shelters in the universe. One of them even had a single guy living in a Vault full of women. There are Vaults, however, that were made into experiments by the very people who created them. Just ask yourself, which Vault Overseer will you be in the Fallout Shelter Online game? It’s up to you to provide for your Dwellers and make use of not just the natural resources, but human resources as well!


Treating Your Dwellers Right

As Overseer, you must make sure that your Dwellers live comfortable lives. That requires a fair exchange from them to you – your services require their services as well. While you maintain which Dweller is perfect for a job at the Plant, work in the Diner or make sure there is freshwater at the Treatment Plant. In addition, you should determine which ones are perfect to send out in the wild.

Manage your Dwellers’ strengths! Create a team that’s composed of versatile skills, and you’ll go far in the Wasteland. Your Dwellers might bring back junk that you can re-purpose to create other materials and pieces of equipment. They may even return with rare finds from the Wasteland. You might even end up with a few new Dwellers, a Mr. Handy, or even a pet companion!

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