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About this Game

War survival games are usually fun and full of excitement, especially since most of these games fall under the shooting category. But if you’re looking for a war game that is unique, but also intense and has exciting gameplay and story, then you should play This War Of Mine. It’s a simulation video game that focuses on the civilian side of war instead of the soldier’s side. This thing means that your characters in the game are civilians.

Instead of the usual completing missions and quests that can help you win the war, your ultimate goal here is survival. You’ll get presented with severe and challenging choices along the way, which can affect whether you will survive everyday dangers or not. Each decision you make will also change the ending of the character’s story so that you can expect a different finish, depending on your choice. It’s a severe and intense game that is also very interesting to play. You won’t regret downloading and playing it. Let’s look deeper at what this game has to offer.


The Key Features Of This War Of Mine


Real-Life Events inspire the Game

One of the exciting things about This War Of Mine is that real-life events inspire the stories that you will encounter. This matter shows how severe and intense this war survival game is since the stories come from experiences of real people during the war. This game will let you feel the emotions that real people went through, which makes the hard decisions you will face more gut-wrenching and emotionally exhausting.


There is Also A Strategy Component to This War of Mine Game

Aside from making hard decisions, This War Of Mine also features a strategy component. You get to build weapons, stoves, beds, and whatever items you will need to survive. You also get to manage the shelter you are in, to make sure that you can survive there despite the chaos happening all around. So you don’t just have to focus on emotionally tricky decisions, but you also have to strategize appropriately to increase your chances of surviving.


There are Many Different Characters

In the beginning, you will have two characters to choose from. Each character will have different stories to tell. But as you progress further in the game, more characters are revealed. This thing also means that more stories become available for you to play. The original game has 12 styles available, which are 12 different stories.

Each story will start on a different phase and will have different starting conditions. Some will start the tale being sick, while others will start the tale wounded. It’s an exhilarating and fun game to play. Though it’s not available for free on the Google Play Store, there’s a solution for that. You need to visit the, where you can download This War Of Mine For Free on your PC. The process is straightforward.


How to Play This War Of Mine on PC




  1. To begin the download process, click the Start Game found on the page to start the download of the software.
  2. Click the downloaded software and click Yes and then accept the Terms of Service to start installing on your PC.
  3. After that, the software will proceed to install it on your desktop. This War Of Mine on your PC and create a shortcut on your desktop.
  4. Once done, you can start playing the game. Just click the shortcut to make it easier to access This War Of Mine.

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