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Have you ever fired a gun? Have you ever sat down while firing a gun? Have you ever encountered crocodiles that are named Karl (yes, that’s right)? No? Then the answer you’re looking for is in Swamp Attack! We are bringing you our extensive knowledge base on this game. We can answer your questions, such as who the bosses are and what kind of a game exactly is Swamp Attack. Some of the sillier questions—such as the Karl dilemma and the racing turtles—are covered as well. If you’d love to try out Swamp Attack for yourself, download the game here and start playing on your PC now!


We aim to make this FAQ section the only page you’ll ever need for Swamp Attack! Forget forums or Wikis, you’ll get all the answers to your questions. Our answers here are provided by (niche) gamers for (niche) gamers, so you’ll be sure to get exactly what you’re looking for here.


Ready to dive into the swamp and battle the quirky but adorable creatures of Swamp Attack?

Why a Game like Swamp Attack?

This brings us to the next question—why play Swamp Attack? There are so many other games out there, and you want to be sure before you go downloading Swamp Attack’s bytes right into your PC. Rather than Swamp Attack, play other games, is that what you’re saying? Understandably, you want the game to be worth […]

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