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ABI Games Studio - Hungry Fish - Unleash Your Predatory Instincts & Conquer the Ocean

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Dive into the depths of – Hungry Fish, the thrilling hungry fish game crafted by ABI Games Studio. Immerse yourself in a multiplayer arena where you, a deadly baby shark armed with razor-sharp blades, navigate the treacherous waters to claim the coveted title of King of Fish. – Hungry Fish – Opt for the Heads!

In this fish io adventure, the battleground is filled with a diverse cast of fish, each equipped with adorable yet lethal tusks. Your objective is clear – hunt down prey, collect fish heads as trophies, and avoid the perilous blades of rival players. The sea becomes your domain as you strategically maneuver to survive and thrive in this hungry fish io competition.

To ascend to dominance in – Hungry Fish, employ cunning strategies to eliminate opponents. Devour scattered food across the ocean to gain boosts and increase your score. Execute tactical attacks from the side and behind, collecting fish heads for your blades. Accumulate three heads to wield a medium blade and five heads for the mighty giant blade, enhancing your prowess in the multiplayer arena. – Hungry Fish showcases a captivating oceanic world filled with deadly yet enchanting fish. From the stealthy baby shark to majestic whales, nimble piranhas, playful clownfish, elusive glob fish, powerful narwhales, glimmering golden fish, and steadfast turtles – the diversity adds depth to the hungry fish game.

Start Upgrading Your Blades & Use Boosts!

As you progress in – Hungry Fish, choose your weapon wisely from a selection of upgradable blades: the swift Katana, formidable trident, and futuristic laser blade. Engage in intense combat with players worldwide, participating in the competitive gameplay that defines this hungry experience.

Navigate the stunning ocean environment, collect sushi for boosts, and strategically upgrade your blades. The multiplayer arena is alive with the constant pursuit of heads and trophies, creating a dynamic and adrenaline-packed hungry fish game. – Hungry Fish invites you to sharpen your blades, dominate the sea, and emerge victorious as the undeniable King of Fish. Let the battle for oceanic supremacy begin, where the narwhale, baby shark, tusks, trophies, and the hungry fish game converge in a thrilling underwater spectacle.

Exciting Hungry Fish Game Features

  • Control a lethal baby shark with razor-sharp blades
  • Collecting fish heads as trophies
  • Devour scattered food for boosts and score increments
  • Collect fish heads to upgrade blades
  • Gather sushi for strategic enhancements

Embark on an epic underwater adventure, dominate the multiplayer arena, and become the ultimate King of Fish. Unleash the power of your blades, strategize your moves, and compete globally in this adrenaline-packed, hungry fish game.

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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