Hungry Shark World
hungry shark world global craving for food hungry shark world bite
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Hungry Shark World: Feed Your Way To The Top Of The Food Chain

hungry shark world deep sea
hungry shark world megalodon
hungry shark world victim
hungry shark world wipeout
hungry shark world deep sea
hungry shark world megalodon
hungry shark world victim
hungry shark world wipeout


Get ready for the ultimate feeding frenzy with Hungry Shark World from the creators of Shark World Evolution Ubisoft Entertainment. And take control of even bigger, nastier, and faster sharks across multiple ocean locations. Then consume everything from birds, whales, and unaware humans in the most hilarious way possible.


Hungry Shark World is Better, Faster, Stronger

The free PC game download compared to its predecessor, can be sum up in four words: Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger. And to elaborate further, this version comes with harder or more challenging levels with smoother and better graphics. In other words, faster sharks, seamless levels, and even more immersive gameplay.


More Species to Devour

Hungry Shark World now comes with more species of prey for you to devour. Decimate school of fish, a flock of birds, or group of humans. And even a bale of turtles, a bloom of jellyfish, and game of sharks in a one of kind feast for survival. Then choose from over 20 species of insatiable sharks in sizes ranging from the extra small Blacktip Reef and the extra-large Great White. Or the ridiculously huge Robo Shark and become the undisputed predator in the official game of Shark Week.


Expansive and Highly Detailed Environments

To accommodate the huge collection of species, Hungry Shark World comes with an expansive map made up of huge open-world levels scattered across the globe. So explore each nook and cranny to gain access to hidden locations and special items.

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