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Tarek Mongy

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About this Game

At some point, you may have been frustrated by playing the Flappy Bird. But now, it’s time for you to get some revenge on the famous bird with Flappy Crush. In this game, you don’t need to tap the bird and avoid the pipes. Instead, you have to crush the bird by tapping the pipes. Sweet revenge, right?

But wait, there’s more to that than just tapping the pipes. You also get to unleash amazing power-ups and unlock powerful pipes to crush the birds gruesomely.

Thanks to the ingenuity of Tarek Mongy, you can now vent out your frustrations with Flappy Crush. Download this action game now to play!


Awesome Flappy Crush Gameplay

Playing the Flappy Bird is addicting. So as the Flappy Crush, but with a twist. For those who want to get their revenge on the Flappy Bird, this game is definitely what you’re looking for.

With the Flappy Crush unblocked, you get to crush the flappy bird simply by tapping on the green pipes. Do note that the game gets gory as soon as you crush as many flappy birds as you can.

With its easy and simple gameplay, everyone can play the Flappy Crush PC game. You don’t even need Flappy Crush hints to learn how the game works.


Amazing Power-ups and Pipes

The Flappy Crush is unlikely the same with the Flappy Bird. Though it has easy gameplay, what makes it unique is that it features amazing power-ups. With this feature, you don’t just crush the birds using the pipes. You get to use all sorts of powers to kill the birds like the black hole, inferno, rain of arrows, and more.

You also get to choose powerful pipes that crush the birds to bits. Other than the powerful crush, you also get double points in every bird you crush.

If you want to get revenge on Flappy, go for the Flappy Crush download and play it for free! Plus you can download and play more Action Games like Flippy Knife and Smashy Road: Wanted!

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