Flower Zombie War
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Flower Zombie War – Defend Your House Against The Undead

flower zombie war full version
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flower zombie war download free
flower zombie war full version
flower zombie war download PC
flower zombie war download PC free
flower zombie war download free

Zombie games are usually fun to play, especially if it’s part of the strategy genre. When it comes to that, Plants vs Zombies might be one of the best ones out there. But another contender is up there with it, and it’s titled Flower Zombie War. It’s a strategy action game that’s published by G4F. It’s an app where zombies are trying to attack your house to eat your brains.

And the only way to prevent them from doing that will be the plants and flowers. These are special plants that can attack and kill zombies. It’s a fun game and it’s very similar to Plants vs Zombies, so you will enjoy playing it. Let’s discuss in more detail how to play Flower Zombie War in the next section.

Defending Your Home In Flower Zombie War

The first part of Flower Zombie War will be a tutorial. It will teach you about placing plants on the lawn and then collecting stars that fall. The stars are the currency you will use to place plants on the lawn. After completing the first level, you will get another plant to use in the game. The second stage is a continuation of the tutorial. In this stage, you will also learn about the plant that generates stars. This will make it easier to gain more currency to use and set plants on the lawn.

The lawn you will use in the second stage is also bigger, allowing you to place more plants. But with a larger lawn, also means you will have to protect more areas that zombies can pass through. The tutorial will continue for several more levels before everything is up to you. But throughout the game, tips and hints will pop up to help you out, especially for special stages. When you start playing, you will acquire plants along the way that you can use in the game.

As you will see from the tutorials, each plant will have its unique ability. When you play on a stage, you will have an option to choose which flora you will use. Make sure you place the proper plants to use since certain abilities might be needed. There are also plant foods and other boosts that can enhance the plant’s ability. Flower Zombie War is a fun game to play and you will pick up on it quickly if you’ve played Plants vs Zombies before.

The Main Features of Flower Zombie War

  • Many different game modes to play.
  • Buffs and boosts to enhance your plant’s ability.
  • Different types of zombies to deal with.
  • Numerous plants to collect and use in battle.

Flower Zombie War is a cool and fun tower-defense strategy game. You can also play the award-winning Plants vs Zombies or the action-packed Little Commander – WWII TD. We have tons of games available for free. Just get our Games.lol client and you’ll get access to thousands of awesome PC game titles.




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