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Plants vs Zombies for PC Free Full Version | Download on PC

Crazy Dave has reason to become crazier.

His house is under attack by brain-munching zombies! Thank goodness he’s a great gardener with tons of ferocious plants (yep, including one that can swallow zombies whole too!) You need to help him protect his house – the five lawn mowers that are stationed right outside on his lawn can only do so much. Dave does have good attack strategies, for a crazy person! Partner with him to fight some pretty fearsome zombies like the football muscle-man, the high jumper, the metal-head bucket zombie, and the road conehead zombie… and knock them out with double pea-shooters, snow peas, the chomper, and lots more!

Plants VS Zombies, which is developed by PopCap (acquired by EA in 2011), invites you to participate in a grand showdown: Can the plants rule the world? Or the once-human zombies? It’s up to you to save the day from this zombie apocalypse that’s going to happen! It’s a gritty yet “sickeningly cute” tower defense and strategic game (as described by Game Director, George Fan) for ages 10 and up!

Put on your gloves and start planting away! Download Plants VS Zombies Free on PC today.

Plants VS Zombies Free PC Download

5 Game Features:

Engaging storyline

Crazy Dave’s garden is practically a battlefield for the good-natured plants and the bloodthirsty zombies! Be immersed in a great storyline filled with unexpected twists and diversions throughout the game. What kind of zombies are coming? How can we make our plants stronger? The game gets progressively harder and more challenging as the stakes are raised for Dave’s brains! Herald your hero instincts and get ready for the biggest showdown in plant history since Gardenscapes!

Unlock many different plants and zombies

Plants VS Zombies All Plants Download PC Game

You start off with the humble sunflower and the adorable pea-shooter, and progressively obtain stronger plants like the cherry bomb, the chomper, the fire stump, the watermelon launcher and many more. Collect all 50+ plants and defeat the 20 over types of zombies! Things never get boring here as you propel yourself forward on each level! Be the ultimate plant master when you conquer the zombies with these tenacious, hardworking plants – soon you’d be able to smell a zombie from a mile away!

Multiple landscapes and scenarios

Plants VS Zombies Hill Download PC Free Game

There are different scenarios in this game to grow the offensive and defensive plants on: from the daytime lawn, to night time on the lawn, to growing on sloped hills and atop pool water! There are many landscapes and variations in game play, for example, there will also be levels where you can play Wall-nut bowling and other interesting strategic mini-games along the way! There are many modes too. There’s Adventure mode, which goes along in a progressive story style, then Mini-Games mode, which comprises of focusing on the mini games within the Adventure mode. Puzzle mode is a series of special challenges that allows you to train the zombies! The roles are reversed here, and you can release your zombies against paper cut-out plants to see how you fare as a zombie master! In Survival mode, you just play endlessly with small breaks in between. Can you beat your own high score? Let’s find out here!

Excellent graphics and soft, upbeat music

This game is full of really astounding graphics. They are designed intricately, and then animated beautifully. If you need a reason to play this game, then this is it! With great graphics along with soft, upbeat music, this game is perfect to play anytime you’re bored and in need of a gritty challenge! There’s no gore involved, so your children can watch you play or play this game themselves, too! Suitable for ages 10 and older, since this game is of a more strategic nature!

Create your own Zombatar!

Plants VS Zombies Zombatar Download PC Free

We love this cute new feature! The above is what we’ve created using the game’s fun tool. When you design your own Zombatar, you get to keep it on your desktop, and it will also appear on random occasions during gameplay! It’s really fun to see your zombie creation wandering in – but of course we’re sad when it dies. Choose from a myriad of skin colors, hair styles, facial hair, eyewear, clothes, accessories, and hats. In this feature, you get to be the fashion-stylist for Dr. Zomboss!

Tips, tricks and Plants VS Zombies Trivia:

Check the almanac, know more about your zombienemies!

Most of us don’t really slow down to read the almanac to find out more about the zombies before jumping into the next level and so on. We’re just too excited to play the game! But honestly, it’s important to read the almanac. It contains all you need to know about a certain zombie: their strengths and weaknesses! Also, when they show you a peek of the zombies in the upcoming level, you need to select your plants carefully and specially catered to fight those ones!

For example, if you’ve got a zombie holding the screens, deploy your night Fume-shroom so it can send fumes through the screen barriers! Or if there’s a high-jumping zombie, remember to include something that can chomp it up after it launches itself over a Wall-nut (like the Chomper). The point here is, read up about your enemies – don’t take “common sense” knowledge for granted.

Need more money?

Plants VS Zombies Last Stand Free PC Game Download

Play some of the mini-games! “The Last Stand” is one such game you can play to earn more coins. It’s probably the game that allows you to earn money in the fastest way too! When you’re done with the set-up, which involves you getting allocated a certain amount of sunflower points to plan and grow a specific layout to defeat the zombies over time, you can do other things as the game pans out! The efficiency, quirkness, and convenience of this mini-game is what makes us like it so much!

Cherry bombs are better than jalapenos

Plants VS Zombies Cherry Bomb Free PC Game Download

If you were to choose between one of these plants, we’d say go for the Cherry Bomb. It’s really powerful. Granted, the Cherry Bomb is more expensive than the Jalapeno, but it’s way more useful, in our opinion. You can destroy most of a bunch of zombies in up to 3 lanes, whereas for the Jalapenos, you’re only allowed to wipe out a whole row of zombies… which can be frustrating because one lane out of five is just not effective enough! Given the choice, you should stick with cherry bombs throughout your Adventure mode games, because they’re great for emergencies, and for “Final Waves”, usually!

Ready to plant-and-roll? Download Plants VS Zombies Free for PC today.

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Ratings and Reviews

amazing game

5 5 1
works well on my computer. no lags. i can just keep fight the zombies. ROFL

Interesting game

4 5 1
First time playing plants vs zombies. It's quite addictive. Been playing it everyday since day 1. No complains so far.

zombatar is such a cute addition

5 5 1
i thought it was fun seeing my zombatar move... too bad it's shortlived haha

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