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Game of Sultans PC Game | Build Your Own Sultanate From Your Desktop

Rule your own kingdom in a new strategy game. With Game of Sultans for desktop PC, you will definitely feel like a Sultan overseeing an entire sultanate. You will have complete control over your viziers, kingdom affairs, wars, and even your harem of beautiful wives. Download Game of Sultans for free and play online!


Game of Sultans Gameplay

If you have played social RTS browser games before, then Game of Sultans will feel oddly familiar. Of course, Game of Sultans diverges from the typical social game formula. For instance, it is standalone and does not have to be played in your browser! In addition, all the collectible stuff can be acquired without spending.

Game of Sultans has loads of unique features that you won’t find in other games in the subgenre. For example, you will manage the concerns of your citizens, just like how a real Sultan deals with the people. When your people present you with their dilemmas, you have two choices to resolve the problem. There is actually no wrong solutions for these problems, but each solution will provide you with different resources.

As you progress, you will unlock viziers, your advisors who manage aspects of your kingdom. They can be assigned to do research, economy, farming, and even warfare! Since each vizier has its own sets of attributes and skills, they all have their niche uses.

A few levels later, you will be able to unlock the masquerade system where you can meet your future wives and court them. These beauties are not only decorations to furnish your sultanate. They are provided stat boosts to you and your vizier, making them a vital part of any strategy. Every time you visit your wives, you have a chance of producing an heir which also provides boosts for your kingdom.

Ultimately, the unique take on social RTS/management games succeeds in providing an experience you never saw in any such game. Whether you are new to the subgenre or looking for something fresh to sate your RTS needs, Game of Sultans is a great game to try. Improve your decision making with other strategy games like Fallout Shelter and Hearthstone.

Game Of Sultans Dreaming Princess
Game Of Sultans Wife Mistress
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Game Of Sultans Pregnant Mother
Game Of Sultans Dreaming Princess
Game Of Sultans Wife Mistress
Game Of Sultans Fight With Allies
Game Of Sultans Pregnant Mother




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