Go To Street
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Go To Street - Complete Different Missions

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A fun and interesting game that you can play is Go To Street. It’s an action-adventure game published by Leisure Games. It’s a game where you play as a regular individual who lives in a big city. Every day you’ll be completing various tasks and missions. You can also choose to just explore the large city and see what it has to offer.

A fun game that you can play leisurely. To better know what you need to do in Go To Street, let’s look at the gameplay and features that this game has to offer.

Complete Different Missions to Earn Cash

Go To Street might seem like a game without any storyline or plot for you to enjoy. But that’s further from the truth. Yes, the game features an open world where you can explore the city freely and do what you want. But that’s not the only thing you will do in this game. There are also different missions for you to complete. And doing so will earn you cash, which you can use to purchase items, gear, and many more.

What’s interesting is that completing these missions allows you to progress. Like one of your early missions will require you to save a lady who will become your wife. She now waits every day at your home while you complete various tasks in Go To Street. They might seem insignificant but it tells the game’s story, which is interesting.

How to Play Go To Street

It’s easy to play Go To Street. It doesn’t even have a tutorial because the gameplay and controls are straightforward. You will always start the game inside your home. Then you go out and go to the area where you have a task or mission to complete. You will know instantly where to go because every time you play, the location you need to go to is already placed on the map. You just have to go there and complete whatever it is you need to do.

You earn cash as you complete missions and you can use it in the game’s shop. If you’re bored with the missions, you can choose to just explore the city. There are many things you can do in the city. There are even ramps for you to enjoy and make your vehicle fly. Go To Street is a fun action-adventure that you’ll surely enjoy playing.

Go To Street Action Game Features

  • Complete different missions every day to earn cash
  • A dynamic open world that you can explore
  • Progress in the game’s story as you complete missions
  • Use cash to purchase items, gear, and other things

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