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About this Game

Miami is known as a lavish modern coastal city that is teeming with luxurious cars, scenic beaches, clubs, and tourists. But amidst all that are mobs and gangsters just lurking around the city’s shadow. In Miami crime simulator, you play as a gangster who is bent on thriving and succeeding in the underground criminal world.

Dive in and immerse yourself in the street life as you begin your criminal career! Get right into the action in this Miami crime game. In a city full of gangsters and rising crime rates, there are also evil cops, looters, car thefts, smugglers, and other small-time criminals that could be too much to handle. Despite that, many opportunities will arise, but you have to make smart decisions to make the most out of them.

Miami crime simulator 3D Gameplay

Play your way through Miami crime simulator by completing various tasks. Explore high-security areas, and drive around the city on a stolen sports car. For every completed mission, you will receive a huge amount of experience and coins as rewards. Progressing through the game will allow you to unlock several quests one after the other. You will find allies along the way and eventually, you can assemble a legion of gangsters and be their boss.

Gather Resources and Collect Weapons

Show up and collect your daily rewards to get a chance to snatch the final prize. If you need resources, just go around the map and you can pick up several items in random places. These could be weapons, ammo, coins, health kits and so much more.

Of course, being a career criminal will also gain you some enemies—both from the side of the law and the side of crime. So arm yourself to the teeth, upgrade your firearms, and level up your skills to gain an advantage during shootouts!

Game Features

  • Build a powerful arsenal of weapons.
  • Various moods for hero images.
  • Choose from a great deal of cars. From sports cars, off-road vehicles, convertibles, limousines, and even taxis!
  • Convenient and smooth controls for high-quality immersion.
  • Realistic rendering with smooth visuals and animations.
  • Optimized to run on low-end devices.

Continue the story with Miami Crime Simulator and take back what is yours! Download and play the game today on your PC for free! We have more action-packed games here at such as N.O.V.A. Legacy or Pixel Gun 3D.

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