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About this Game

Do you ever want to play golf with your friends, but tee time has been hard to come by? Well, look no further. You don’t have to wait for friends to come around or wait for the perfect weather to come by, because you can play Golf Clash straight on your PC!


Tee Off with Friends

Created by Playdemic, Golf Clash is a free online golf game that gives you the freedom to tee off with your friends at the comfort of your home! You can connect your Facebook or Google accounts so that you can play against your Facebook friends by inviting them to a 1v1 match, or challenge other players online.




Awesome Golf Controls

Golf Clash’s controls are smooth and appeal to seasoned and new golf players alike. However, in order to master the shot system, you need to keep on practicing your swing and winning matches.
Marvelous and Challenging Golf Courses

Mastery of your swing also goes together with knowing your way around the golf course. Golf Clash sports dynamic courses paired with different terrain and weather conditions that you need to get acclimated to as you keep your eyes on the hole.


Climb the Ranks and Win Prizes on Golf Clash

As you master your golf skills, you can then test your skills by competing in online tournaments against other players. Winning tournaments and Golf Tours help you rank up the leaderboards against your friends and other players.

You will also be rewarded with in-game gold that you can use to purchase and upgrade golf clubs and golf balls to their premium variants. Competing and winning Tours also awards you with chests that contain even more goodies. You can later show them off as a bragging right! And if you wish to get even more prizes, you can join weekly Club Events and continue to secure your place as one of the best golfers in the game!




How to Download Golf Clash on PC

Playing Golf Clash on PC is simple! Just head down to the Game Download portion of the page, and click on the “Play Now” button. The download will start automatically. Make sure you have a stable internet connection so that you won’t encounter any errors while the installer and the game are downloading. Once the download is done, Golf Clash should run automatically. So enjoy sinking in bogeys, eagles, and even nab your hole-in-one in Golf Clash!

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