Grow Animals
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Grow Animals - Develop Your Adorable Fur Babies from Single Cell

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grow animals pc download
grow animals gameplay on pc
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Your pet is not just a creature that becomes cute because of its fur and cuddly looks. Deep down, it is composed of all chemical reactions that make up its phenotype. Sounds like a nerd, right? Well, that’s what you are doing when you play Grow Animals. This simulation game allows you to grow your ideal pet from its cellular level. If you want to be a scientist virtually and create one pet, play this game right now.

Grow Your Ideal Pet from Single Cell

Grow Animals, developed and published by Lion Studios, is a simulation game where the main objective is to merge and grow pets. This game brings some aspects of molecular biology to your PC. You will create animals from their cellular level and turn them into cute fur babies. This is your ideal pet that has furs and acts like it’s the most innocent thing in the world. There are some sciency things you should do while playing the game. At first, the game will give you the potions to combine and create a single cell. Each potion has traits that describe the appearance of the ideal pet.

After the ingredients are combined into a cell successfully, you can then start the process. You can then put these first cells into the screen and merge them. Each merge will create a developmental stage that slowly creates the phenotype of the pet. Merge these cells until it shows your ideal pet. After you complete the process, the pet will show up. The game will then give you additional instructions to create new ones.

Grow Animals & Create Adorable Mythical Creatures

The Grow Animals game lets you simulate the developmental stage of your ideal pet on PC. In this game, you can create your ideal pet from scratch, biologically from cells. With dozens of animals to collect, you can mix and match various traits such as cuteness, intelligence, strength, and love. With all these features, you can create the perfect pet you like to have. The game also lets you do a scientific approach, using concentrated potions to create a single cell of the new animal. You can then merge cells to slowly grow your pet and witness the development of its creation.

As you progress, you can even bring these mythical creatures to life such as dragons, unicorns, and even extinct dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless as you can also merge fully grown animals to create new and exciting pets. You are also allowed to decorate your zoo and create your dream garden to keep your beloved pets happy. You can also interact with your pets, pampering, feeding, bathing, and playing with them. Its main gameplay focuses on creating dozens of adorable animals. You can even discover new animals to add to the collection and care for the pets.

Grow Animals Interesting Game Features

  • Grow animals virtually from the cellular level
  • Merge cells to create the ideal pet
  • Read some facts about the pet you grow
  • Concentrated potions that have traits
  • Create mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns
  • Decorate your zoo and dream garden
  • Interact with your ideal pets and pamper them

Download and play Grow Animals to experience the simulated developmental stage. You can also try Big Bang Evolution and Shark World for similar simulation games to download. has a lot of free games to offer, feel free to check them out!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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