Harbingers – Last Survival
Harbingers Last Survival Oda Nobunaga Harbingers Last Survival Oda Nobunaga
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Harbingers - Last Survival: Save the World & Beat the Deadly Virus

Harbingers Last Survival Princess Sissi
Harbingers Last Survival Fox Winchester
Harbingers Last Nicolaus Copernicus
Harbingers Last Survival Alfred Nobel
Harbingers Last Survival Princess Sissi
Harbingers Last Survival Fox Winchester
Harbingers Last Nicolaus Copernicus
Harbingers Last Survival Alfred Nobel

Ready to take on the role of a commander and lead the Harbingers – Last Survival to a battle they will never forget? Beat the deadly and infectious virus that caused the zombie apocalypse in this fantastic strategy and RPG. All you need to do is stop the zombies from wiping out the rest of humanity and purge the world from the seemingly never-ending darkness. The Harbingers game by Wanda Cinemas Games is the perfect zombie game for thrill-seekers.

Get to know why Harbingers is becoming an ultimate favorite by millions of players. Download the zombie game now and experience action like no other.

Experience RPG Action in Harbingers – Last Survival

Harbingers PC is a zombie game that has the elements of both strategy and RPG. It’s a semi-idle PC game, which means you can still reap many benefits even if you are in offline mode. Firstly, you can use the offline searching feature to get a wide variety of resources and weapons to strengthen your team. Second, you can earn rewards simply by logging in to the game.

Aside from this fantastic feature, you get to lead a team of powerful and strong Harbingers that look like gacha characters. But the only difference is that they are more skilled and useful on the battlefield. Thus, being a commander of the Harbingers takes a lot of tactical planning. If you want to become the most outstanding leader, take on missions to gain experience and engage in epic combat against other commanders to show them who’s the boss.

How to Play Harbingers on PC

Harbingers – Last Survival for PC is a free game that you can play without limitations. It’s pretty easy to understand, as long as you keep in mind what your team suggests you do.

First, summon a Harbinger to join your team. Make sure to create and save your lineup for the battle. During combat, you will find which round and which enemies you’re fighting. Then, tap the avatar of the Harbinger to release a skill. If the avatar is flashing, this means they’re ready to unleash an Ultra Skill. Take note that only Harbingers of A level and above have an ultra skill.

Apart from that, remember to always kill the enemy with a lot of ammo to avoid their powerful attacks when it’s their turn to use their skills. Once the battle is done, you’ll level up and receive various rewards like experience and coins. Furthermore, you can send your people to search for supplies like gears and materials. Then, you’re now ready to go to your next battle.

Explore These Exciting Features in Harbingers Game

When you play this zombie on PC, you get to explore these exciting features:

  • Hundreds of Harbingers to collect
  • A total of 300 free draws that you can use to collect Harbingers
  • A tactical and strategy-based game featuring a semi-idle mode
  • Challenge and play with other commanders online
  • Join a guild to reap more resources
  • Upgrade your battleship to help you on your journey

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