Hero Ball Z
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Hero Ball Z: A Unique Yet Fun-Filled Idle RPG

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When you say RPG, they’re usually games that include a great storyline, lots of actions, and awesome characters. It’s also a game where you go on adventures and then complete quests as you progress further in the story. But not all RPGs are played like that. Take Hero Ball Z, for example. It’s an action idle RPG game that’s played more like an arcade side-scrolling game.

That’s right, the gameplay of this RPG is different from the usual formula. But it doesn’t mean the game is not fun to play. It’s very refreshing and addictive. To learn more about this unique RPGwa, let’s discuss in the next section how you can play Hero Ball Z.

The Unique Gameplay of Hero Ball Z

When you start playing Hero Ball Z, you will immediately see that this is not your typical RPG. This is because you will see that the gameplay is very different. It’s a side-scrolling game that’s more like a space shooter. You will see all of this when you start the tutorial. The earth is being invaded and it’s up to you to protect it.

To do that, you summon novice characters. They wear super-powered suits that can shoot laser beams. You can summon 10 at a time then the Hero Ball will have to replenish. To strengthen them, you just need to combine two same novices of the same level. Just drag two level 1 novices to form a level 2 one. Then drag two level 2 novices to form a level 3. You can do this until you reach level 10.

Once you reach level 10, the next characters that you can get are the anime-like heroes. You just need to combine two level-10 novices to summon a hero. Just like with any RPGs, the heroes that you will get are random. You will likely have to summon numerous times to get a strong hero. You might also get duplicates, which is needed for evolving heroes. Level up and strengthen your heroes to survive higher levels. The goal in Hero Ball Z is to complete as many stages as you can.

There are many different areas in Hero Ball Z with endless stages. The higher you go, the tougher the enemies are. You can return to the early stage and collect the resource you acquired for reaching a certain level. It’s a fun game that’s worth your time.

The Main Features of this Idle RPG

  • Many different heroes to summon and use in battle.
  • A unique and fun RPG gameplay.
  • Numerous game modes to enjoy.
  • Optimized for free PC gameplay.

If you enjoy playing this type of role-playing game, you can also try playing Azur Lane or Goddess Mua. They’re both great games that you can try for free. Download them through our client for a better gaming experience.




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