League of Pantheons
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League of Pantheons PC - The Ultimate Fight Against Gods & Goddesses

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Are you fond of mythical gods and goddesses? Well, you’ll surely love this idle+RPG game called the League of Pantheons. In this role-playing game, you will fight against various deities from different mythologies.

Published by NEOCRAFT LIMITED, this RPG game lets you experience the story of ancient immortals derived from different mythologies. Here, you’ll get a chance to summon more than 100 legendary heroes from different mythologies like Norse, Japanese, Greek, Egyptian, and more.

Be the Best Summoner of the League of Pantheons

As you begin playing League of Pantheons, you’ll start with a short tutorial where you will understand the game’s controls and mechanics. At the same time, you’ll get to know the world of the deities. As you start the tutorial, you’ll be given a character, and you can go to the battlefield right away. Moreover, you can explore the game by immersing yourself in various game modes like story mode, arena, and more. Under the story mode, you’ll need to set a winning team that can defeat your opponents. From there, you will also need to choose a map where you will deploy your team. Once you’ve cleared the map, you’ll receive gems and rewards.

Lead Your Heroes with the Best Gears

The arena is a game mode where your characters can unleash their best skills. However, it’s not advisable to go with this mode, especially if your hero isn’t strong enough or lacks powerful weapons. However, you can change that by using powerful equipment. So you can customize your hero by equipping them with epic runes, gears, and artifacts to make them stronger. Regardless of what game modes you take in, it’s always your choice on how you’ll create the synergy of your heroes.

What is more exciting about this game is that you can play it in idle mode, which means all you have to do is set your heroes and let them grind for XP, Epic loot, and Golds. Also, you’ll be given 200 draws on your first seven days, allowing you to get stronger heroes. Also, you can customize these heroes by acquiring skins and champion titles as well.

League of Pantheons Game Features

  • An interesting role-playing game
  • Loads of PvP and PvE Modes
  • Summon more than 100 heroes from eight mythologies
  • Customize your heroes with gears, runes, artifacts, and skins
  • Create your own strong combination of heroes
  • Get free 200 summons on your first seven days

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Minimum System Requirements

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