Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts
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Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts

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If you are looking for a unique strategy RPG to play, then you should try Valor Legends Dog Rescue. It’s a tactical RPG that also provides some puzzle elements to the gameplay. The puzzle element will involve saving a dog from attacking bees.

This part of the gameplay will also earn you resources, which you can use in developing your characters. The main gameplay is still the tactical RPG, but the puzzle part is a welcome addition.

Let’s talk about in more details the Valor Legends Dog Rescue gameplay and features. This will help you see what you need to do in this game and what you can expect from it.

Challenge Enemies & Protect The Dog

The gameplay of Valor Legends Dog Rescue is divided into two gameplays. The first one is the tactical RPG where you challenge various teams in a tactical battle. You’ll start with two heroes first, but as you progress, you get to summon more heroes and use them in battle.

There’s also an idle mode, where you continue to earn resources as your heroes continue to battle. The other gameplay is the protect the dog from bees. Bees will try to attack a poor and defenseless dog and you’ll have to protect him.

You try to draw a line that will shield him from the bees for 10 seconds. Sounds simple, but it’s more challenging than you think. This is like a side-quest in the game to help you earn more resources and rewards.

How to Play Valor Legends Dog Rescue

The game will come with a tutorial at the start and it will begin with the dog rescue gameplay. The tutorial will also explain the significance of the game mode and how it plays a role in the grand scheme of things. Aside from that, you also learn about the tactical RPG.

You will challenge other teams in a fight to see who has the stronger team. You will start with two, but as you progress, you will unlock several heroes to help you. But once the tutorial is done, the way for you to acquire heroes is through gacha.

You will need to acquire summoning materials to do summons and get heroes. You can level up and develop your heroes while also equipping powerful gear. You will alternate between participating in challenges and protecting the dog from bees.

Features of the Tactical RPG

  • A puzzle game where you protect the dog from bees
  • Summon powerful and unique heroes to form your team
  • Earn rewards even when you’re not playing through the idle gameplay
  • Use tactical strategies to defeat opponents in battle

If you enjoy playing tactical RPGs, then try playing Brave Nine. But if you prefer a fun puzzle game to play, then try How To Loot. They’re both awesome games that you’ll also enjoy playing.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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