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Hero of Aethric – Explore & Uncover The Story Of The Fallen Land

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Explore a world ravaged by a cataclysmic event known as the falling of Hero of Aethric. It’s a classic RPG where you explore and battle various enemies. You’ll journey across the fallen land and try to uncover its story and become its hero that will change its fate. It’s a fun and exciting MMORPG despite its classic graphics and gameplay.

Become the Hero of Aethric and Bring Peace

As an RPG, your main objective in Hero of Aethric is to become the world’s hero. You’ll journey across Aethric, uncovering the story of the fallen land and battling enemies you encounter. The goal is to bring peace back to the fallen land. But it’s not going to be an easy journey. You’ll need to develop your character and unlock the class system to choose certain classes or specializations for your character.

You also have to make sure you equip your character with strong gear. This won’t be a problem since you’ll have plenty of opportunities to loot for good gear. It includes participating in World Raids, where you work with other players. Hero of Aethric also features a guild system where you can create a guild or join an existing one.

What You’ll Do in Hero of Aethric?

When you first play, the first thing you’ll do is select the class of your character. You can only choose Warrior, Mage, or Thief. But once you reach a certain level, the class system of Hero of Aethric is unlocked. Once you’ve unlocked this, you will easily build a strong character. That will depend on the game content you plan on playing.

Hero of Aethric has a main story campaign that you can play. The game content will allow you to progress in the game’s storyline. However, it’s also an MMORPG, which allows you to explore the pixel world. The mechanics are simple, you point and click to make your character move. In the open world, you’ll see enemies and click them to attack. The battle is turn-based, with buttons to use during battle.

Available Game Features of the Classic RPG

  • Unlock the class system and gain access to over 50 unique character classes.
  • Different game contents to play
  • Play with other players in World Raid or by joining guilds
  • Explore the world of Aethric
  • Enjoy a simple RPG with classic graphics that still makes the game great

If you’re a fan of RPGs that uses pixel or classic graphics, check out Dungeon Quest Action RPG or Knights of Paper & Pen 2. Both are fun and awesome classic RPGs you’ll enjoy playing.




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