Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG
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Polygon Fantasy – Battle the Immortal Evil in Mystical Places

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The degradation of the Twisted Realm is escalating. In Polygon Fantasy, you must take your place and unearth ancient truths in this magnificent story-driven RPG. Embark on an epic journey filled with challenging quests and colossal bosses. Challenge yourself to one of the best Diablo-inspired games that you can get for free.

Explore the Twisted Realm of Polygon Fantasy

Once upon a time in a faraway place that would later be known as the Twisted Realm, valiant heroes sealed up the enormous menace to attain peace and order. But the seal between both realms was broken, and the eternal evil still hasn’t been completely vanquished. It has returned now, manipulating the avaricious magicians in your world. In this epic narrative-driven action RPG, you will soon set out on the journey of a lifetime to ultimately atone for the errors of the past while leading the fight against undying dragons and other horrific creatures.

Polygon Fantasy is a classic RPG with gorgeous graphics and brilliant features. This game is one of the only authentic Diablo-like role-playing games in the freemium market. This skill-based game features swarms of adversaries, hack-and-slash gameplay, randomized treasure, and character customization via skills and weapons. This ARPG combines amazing graphics, modernized controls, fresh monsters to fight, and original tales to enjoy. Immerse in one of ten different hero classes to the greatest parts of old-school Diablo-style games.

Slay Goblins With the Help of Your Heroes

Polygon Fantasy is split up into acts with whole separate settings. Discover the lush forests, the dark caverns of Scabbard Palace, the arid Eternium region, as well as the Twisted Realm which is the seat of the evil that stalks the world. Be careful because danger is a big part of action role-playing games (ARPGs). Be careful of the variety of environmental and man-made traps and barriers.

With the help of ten different heroes, you can raid hostile areas in Polygon Fantasy. From heroes whose deeds are yet to be told by bards, such as Swamp Hag, the severe Butcher, or the shapeshifting Twisted One, to classics of the ARPG genre such as the melancholy Necromancer, the egotistical Rogue, the blade-wielding Warrior, or the mystic Wizard, you are entirely free to pick your favorite hero or try them all. In addition, heroes can use a wider variety of allies, from dragons that can control miasmatic storms to elf archers.

Get These Game Features with Polygon Fantasy Download

  • Diablo-inspired ARPG
  • Stunning graphics and smooth animation
  • Discover and train multiple heroes
  • Explore and raid a deadly endless dungeon
  • Craft and enhance equipment

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