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Hexar io PC – Enjoy Battling in This Fun Arcade Multiplayer

Hexario surfers PC free
Hexario download PC
Hexario download full version
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Hexario surfers PC free
Hexario download PC
Hexario download full version
Hexario download free 2

If you want to play a fun multiplayer game, then you should try this game. It’s titled Hexar.io – io games, an arcade multiplayer game published by MochiBits. This game mixes snake with territory expansion. This is because you’ll be controlling a snake-like character to expand your hexagon territory. Of course, that’s going to be easier said than done since there are other players on the map.

Their goal is the same as yours, to expand their territory. So, you need to be careful and strategic in how you approach the task so you won’t be eliminated.

Expanding Your Territory in Hexar.io

Hexar.io – io games is not as many games out there since there won’t be a tutorial anymore about its gameplay. Instead, what you’ll get will be short descriptions at the beginning regarding the gameplay. Basically, you just have to make sure your head and tail are not hit so you won’t die in the game.

To expand your territory, just pass by an area and then return back to your starting hexagon. Any spaces within your tail, from where you start to where you return, will be converted to your hexagon base.

So, the larger the area that you cover the more hexagon tiles are converted to your base. Keep in mind that there will be other players on the map who are also trying to do the same thing. This will make it difficult to expand your territory. You can also conquer their territory, just make sure it’s within the area that you’re trying to occupy. When you try to expand your territory, always be on the lookout for enemies. You have to make sure they won’t hit your head or tail or else you’ll be eliminated.

The goal in Hexar.io – io games is to have them in the game. Of course, achieving that won’t be as easy as it sounds. You always have to be wary of other players, especially since you won’t just be dealing with one of them.

There will be numerous players on a map, so expect that it won’t be an easy task to complete. But this is what makes it fun and exciting since you not only have to expand your territory but also beat other players to it.

Fun Features of This Arcade Game

  • Simple gameplay with expanding territories
  • Try to beat other players who are also looking to expand their territories
  • Acquire different skin and make your snake look unique

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