Horror Show – Online Survival
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Azur Interactive Games Limited

Horror Show - Online Survival - Play As A Serial Killer Or Survivor

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An exciting multiplayer game you can play, especially if you’re into horror and slasher content, is Horror Show – Online Survival by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It’s a multiplayer action game where you will play a horror survival game with other players. You can play as a survivor in the game or as a serial killer. Each role will have certain objectives to try and achieve to win the game. See if you can perform well in either role.

It’s an exciting and entertaining game that you’ll surely enjoy playing. Learn more about what you’ll do in the game when we talk about Horror Show – Online Survival.

Be the Hunter or Survivor in the Survival Game

Horror Show – Online Survival provides you with two objectives. And these objectives will depend on the role you’ll choose when you play. If you play as the survivor, you will only have one goal and that’s to survive at all costs. You will play this game along with three other survivors while being trapped in an abandoned town. The goal is simple, to try and find a way to escape the hell hole. You’ll solve puzzles to find ways to get out. But be warned, there’s a serial killer on the loose and you must avoid being captured.

For the maniac or serial killer, the goal is to spread terror and capture all of the survivors. You need to do it before they find a way to escape the hell-hole town. The game features four different survivors you can unlock and use, as well as four different serial killers. Each serial killer will have special hunting tactics that they can use to hunt down survivors and imprison them. Survivors can work together and heal each other, which makes it challenging for maniacs to capture them all.

Performing Your Role in Horror Show – Online Survival

Before playing a match in Horror Show – Online Survival, you will first decide whether you’ll be the serial killer or the survivor. After that, you select the character to use. You will only have one option at first, but as you play, you begin to acquire means to unlock other characters. Take note that characters are upgradable to improve their stats. It also helps them perform better during matches. After selecting a character, you proceed to the matching phase.

You can choose to play the game with your friends or you can play it with random people online. Playing with friends makes it easier to work together, especially if you’ll play as a survivor. But it’s also more fun and competitive playing with random people online. Just remember what your objective is when you play. The goal is still for you to win, whether you’re in a team of survivors or as a serial killer looking to capture the survivors.

Exhilarating Horror Game Features

  • Decide whether to play as a survivor or serial killer
  • Choose from 4 survivor characters or 4 serial killers
  • Play with friends or with random people online
  • Solve challenging puzzles as survivors escape the abandoned town
  • Set up deadly traps as the serial killer to take out and capture survivors

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